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By anton.ys
At Yousician, we believe that everyone is born musical. We also believe that everyone comes equipped from the factory with their own portable musical instrument - the voice!

We are excited to announce that Yousician now supports one more instrument - your voice! It's already available on all platforms and you can switch to Voice in the Game Settings.

Anybody can sing, it's not about innate talent or being "gifted" - it's all about guidance, practice, and perseverance. Yousician has helped millions of guitarists, bassists, and pianists learn an instrument, find a lifelong hobby, and become more musically literate. Now, we're here to encourage everyone in the world to let your voice out!


The voice curriculum in Yousician is designed to encourage players to explore their voice, learn how to stay relaxed, sing in the correct key, and find their inner groove - without being harsh or overly critical. This isn't a karaoke app - it's a learning method that encourages singers to build techniques in a healthy manner.


Beginners will gain confidence in singing, and more advanced singers will find songs to challenge their skills, as well as workouts and exercises to enhance what they've already learned. We focus on breaking down each skill an aspiring singer needs - step by step, with live, accurate feedback on a singer's pitch and timing to help them improve.


Voice brings 126 lessons, created by our in-house Voice Teachers and Education Designers, along with hundreds of songs to test your skills and improve on over time. More lessons, songs, and exercises are being added constantly, along with new features and games to keep singing fun, motivating, and inspiring!

Time to let your voice out!
Your Yousician team
Hi! I'm already a guitar subscriber and would like to try voice. How is that added to my subscription? I'm not interested in piano, bass or ukuleles so I do not want to pay for those lessons? Thanks!

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