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By YS15
Yousician update - version 2.54

Hello fellow Yousicians!

This week Yousician will be updated to version 2.54. The update will be available for desktop users (Windows and MacOS) on Monday 13th August and later on the same week for mobile users (iOS and Android).


This update introduces a much requested feature with the ability to reset your learning progress, and bug fixes, as well as stability improvements to the Guided lesson feature.

New features and changes

  • We are excited to announce a new instrument - voice! The voice curriculum in Yousician is designed to encourage players to explore their voice, learn how to stay relaxed, sing in the correct key, and find their inner groove - without being harsh or overly critical. This isn't a karaoke app - it's a learning method that encourages singers to build techniques in a healthy manner. Please check our Forum post to find out more.
  • On-screen keyboard in piano has been re-sized.
  • You asked for it and we listened! We have added a reset progress feature which allows you to reset progress for an instrument syllabus and you can find it under the Settings -> Profile tab. Thank you to everyone who contacted us about it!

    Follow the prompts on the screens to reset the progress for the syllabus under the Learn tab. Prior to resetting your progress, double check to ensure you've chosen the instrument that you want to reset under Settings -> Game -> Instrument.
    Please be mindful that once completed, the reset cannot be reversed.

Bug fixes and technical improvements

  • The bug with missing guiding dotted lines in song play has been fixed and is visible again for all users.
  • Tasks under Learn Standard Notation are once again accessible and you can continue progressing as before.
  • Standard notation view for stringed instruments is back to black again.

We hope that you will enjoy the new version of Yousician. Please leave your comments and feedback below. We would love to hear from you!

Keep on rocking!
Your Yousician team
By Jajcus
Now they won't even show you the 'star score' after you play a song, for that play. I would be shown 'all gold' after playing a song with mistakes, just because I managed to earn all those gold stars earlier.

After I play a song I want to see how I did it this time, not just what is my 'all time' score.
By GWar'73
Thanks for continiuous work on improving Yousician.
One change I do not like though is I am now getting all the gold stars regardless of how I played. I am not 5 yrs old kid and would rather get an honest feedback on how I did. Hope this is something you can quickly get fixed.
By matthew8183
come on yousician the whole userbase is telling u what we want back youtube songs why tf did u guys remove them and everyone is telling u guys to bring them back like come on
By elbarneso
I'm with everyone else - until youtube & song editor features come, I am not using this app and will not renew.
In practice mode - I can no longer see what note I am dragging the loop selection to(beginning and end point). I can no longer see the highlighted area while I drag. It is now guess and check, like throwing darts at the score trying to hit the right note/measure.

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