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By geomanwvu
Terrible. Will not be using and will be cancelling subscription unless user/YouTube songs brought back. Listen to your subscribers. Everyone wants this back. App is useless with the new upgrades.
By mabugrant
danielef wrote:
Sat Aug 25, 2018 10:48 pm
Hi, Why the keyboard is disappared on level 6?
Agree. I’m missing the keyboard while practicing the piano. The color code in the lower bar is not enough and I’ve never used it for finger placement, it’s too small for that and I can never rememeber which color is which finger. Imagine what it looks like in color blindness mode. This app has had great features... I don’t understand why you take away great features... did you really get the feedback that the placement of the fingers on the keyboard was no longer necessary?
By bax eh
Sell me a product, take away the best feature and then try sell me a poor version of said feature is one of most insulting things you could of done to me. If that was not enough as a penelty for not purchacing is I now have to look continously at an advertisement for something that tells me me I have the crap version. If this is not seriously addressed by the end of my current subscription, I will not be renewing.
By Funsport1213
I reluctantly upgraded only because I wanted to play more variety in songs and since it says "play your favorite songs" I stupidly assumed it would give you all the songs you wanted. You get about 10 songs of their choosing in the level that you are at. So, forget about your favorite songs, you get about 10 of their choice. YOu don't get to try at any other level except maybe one lower level. so, unless you want to try to learn ukulele, bass, piano or voice while your still struggling with guitar, IT IS NOT WORTH IT!! I use to rave to other people about Yousician...not anymore. If I hadn't spent so much time and money already to get where I am at in guitar, I would quit. I am currently looking for other guitar learning platforms so if anyone knows of a good guitar learning platform, please inform us so we can quit yousician.
By johnnxx67
I got a premium subscription for 180 for the year back in June. I had all the popular sings till they took them away. I upgraded to premium all instruments for 180 in middle August thinking it would get me popular songs and it didn’t. They refunded me 113 for the new subscription. I upgraded again premium plus for 180 and I get a few popular song from mostly 70 and 80s. This is crazy! Cmon yousician team you need to do better. Very confusing!

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