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By anton.ys
Hello fellow Yousicians!

To make learning an instrument as motivating and fun as possible, we are constantly improving Yousician and bringing in new features. The app already has a pretty extensive library of songs composed by our amazing team of educators. But, we want to bring in even more quality content by adding songs you know and love from your favorite artists. We've been working for quite a while on this feature, and are very excited to announce we will be gradually launching popular songs in the upcoming weeks, starting from today with app version 2.54!

Among the first artists available are Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, R.E.M., Van Morrison, Iron Maiden, Coldplay, The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Eminem, Whitney Houston, and many more! And fear not: plenty more songs and artists will be added to Yousician on a regular basis, so don't forget to check back regularly to see what's new.

Before we go into further details, please note that the rollout of the popular songs to Yousician will be gradual. This means that some users might see the new feature today already, while others will need to wait a few weeks.

Where will I be able to find popular songs?
Firstly, popular songs will be added to the syllabus missions, so you will be able to complete missions for your next levels and revisit existing missions by playing well-known tunes. Secondly, you will see a new row - Famous Songs - on the Home screen, showcasing some of the latest famous songs that have been added into the app.


Last but not least, you will be able to search for popular songs in the search menu as usual.


How will I be able to get access to new popular songs?
We will be introducing a new subscription plan to Yousician called Premium+. This plan will give you access to our popular songs catalogue. Moreover, you will also get premium access to all instruments that we currently have in Yousician for free! After you upgrade your subscription from single instrument to Premium+, all popular songs and all instruments will be unlocked and waiting for you to give them your best starting with app version 2.54.

What if I have an All Instruments subscription?
If you have an All Instruments subscription, you will be able to switch to Premium+ for free! Please note that this option is not available yet. However, we are working to implement it as soon as possible in the next few weeks.

What if I have a Single Instrument subscription?
If you currently have a Premium subscription for a single instrument and upgrade to Premium+, you will not only get access to popular songs, but also to all the instruments (guitar, bass, our brand new instrument voice, piano and ukulele).

Would it be possible to pay for Premium+ subscription monthly?
Yes, Premium+ subscription can be paid monthly or yearly. Please note however that our yearly plans offer great savings over our monthly plans!

How many popular songs will there be for each of the instruments?
Right from the start there will be 100+ songs available for guitar, bass and voice and 50+ songs for piano and ukulele. Moreover, for each of the songs there will be multiple exercises available addressing different skills.

Will you be releasing more popular songs in the future?
Yes! We will be constantly adding new popular songs to Yousician, so make sure to check the app regularly for content updates.

The content will vary depending on your geographical location due to the licensing agreements. Please also note that Premium+ won't be available on all platforms, for all instruments, for all users, in all countries right away. The roll-out will be gradual over the period of several weeks. Once you see a Famous songs row on the home screen and popular songs in the syllabus missions - congrats, you have access and can start rocking out!

We hope that with these changes, we can raise the bar for quality, and make it more fun, engaging, and rewarding to learn the music you love.

Your Yousician team
So you removed the ability to add your own songs so you can restrict people to a certain few so called popular songs?

What if I don't want to play those songs? What if I was looking to not learn something that's popular? What if I wanted to learn some old songs like Johnny Cash or, heaven forbid, Marty Robbins?

Removing someones freedom of choice this late in the stage was idiotic. And for the life of me, I can't understand why. Especially since I'm going to bet this uproar is going to not only cost you money, but licensing those songs can't be cheap either. So please come to your senses for once.
Yeah, you guys have a lot of nerve.

Many of us subscribed with the ability to create our own songs, and share the “real” songs others created... so we went into your contract, followed your terms... whatever. Then you took that ability away! Only to come back a few months later offering the ability to play “real” songs provided we pay more each month.

Pretty crap business model, I don’t see myself upgrading or continuing my subscription once it’s up.

If you valued you customers at all, you would’ve improved upon the existing product, not grubbing for more money.

Do better.
Yes i got the update with songs. It is as the first picture shows, nothing else. i can tell you i am as upset as anyone over the loss of shared songs as those were the songs that kept me trying and not quitting. i understand from their standpoint, with copy right laws, although it was done in as poorly a fashion as is possible. Now i am expected to pay a 50% increase to play songs which i already bargained for. i am not happy. I wont say i wont upgrade, but there needs to be a preview of some sort of the songs before i will even consider it. I used to recommend yousician highly, now i will not at all. Lets just hope they get alot of songs that you can enjoy to keep you learning.
I have also been demoted to a level 6 from a 7 AND they have changed some songs. One i practice a lot is Danny boy and now it is completely different. I cant believe you guys just willy nilly change this stuff! Very Disapointing.

Now a level 6 lead....
So yes I upgraded from the one instrument per year to all instruments per year. Now 24 hours since I did this and still nothing new. Will see what tomorrow brings.

Also, still having problems with the "my songs" folder that was working fine a week ago. Anyone else having the same problem of it buffering none stop?
By johnnxx67
Where are the new songs? Why aren’t there any songs to play other then yousician songs? This is just insane. Cmon yousician crew, we won’t rock songs not cannon in D.
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