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I used to play on Yousician for hours and hours (I had the old Guitar subscription) both playing songs I knew and could recognize when I made a mistake, and creating songs which was a great way to tune my ear to the different notes and so fun to me. Now I cant do either of those things. I think at this point YouTube will be a better teacher to me. Thanks a lot for the heads up on the removal of the most important features of the app.

Also is it just me or does no one else recognize ANY of the featured songs. Because APPARENTLY they are very popular, according to Yousician. :/

Hope the app improves and at least let’s us create our own songs again.
shaftdilbert wrote:
Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:58 pm
I have also been demoted to a level 6 from a 7 AND they have changed some songs. One i practice a lot is Danny boy and now it is completely different. I cant believe you guys just willy nilly change this stuff! Very Disapointing.

Now a level 6 lead....
I know your pain, went from lvl 8 to 7 ...

Agreeing also on the 50% increase on price... as a Ukulele player there weren't as much songs as there were on Guitar. Even when you could add your own songs there wasn't that much of a choice on the uke. Now gladly there is! But it costs me more and even if I don't mind paying more for "popular" songs it's kinda the way it went.

The idea of a list with all the Premium+ songs would be a great start so we know what we are paying extra for.

In the Song menu it would be awesome to have an extra tab with all the Premium+ songs. now I currently don't have the + plan I need to toggle a while down before I get to the ... 'non popular' (?) songs.

And I'm glad with the 50+ new songs but how many more will there be added monthly? I'm not too fond with the idea that there is no minimum of extra's we can expect with the new Premium.

Hope this will be more clear in the following days/weeks to come!
By terepin9
This is really dissapointing. Sounds like a money grab to me. Shouldn't good songs be part of the regular subscription?why should i have to pay more money to access actual songs rather than these nonsense yousician songs which aren't even motivating.
By nu11v01d
As a multi-year, all-instrument subscriber, still not seeing any of the new "premium+" content available, I feel there is a disparity between rewarding the people who have been supporting you loyally, and luring in new customers. I cannot see which technical issues could possibly make the rollout so much more complicated to employ for those of us who already pay a premium rate.
Still feeling bummed from the user-created content being pulled, I am seriously re-considering my membership. Unless something really good happens really fast, this is not what I signed up for.
By darxus
Today I was able to upgrade from an all instruments subscription, to premium+ with the new licensed songs, via the website.

From the main page, click login, then edit subscription.
Hello :) Like the previous poster, I was finally able to update to Premium+! I had to ensure I was subscribed to the all instruments yearly plan (not sure if monthly works yet just saying my experience), and then go to subscribe and it gave me an option to update to Premium+. I had been trying for two days to find this. The songs show now :) yay
By gront
I'm a year subscriber, I did it before own songs started to vanish and now I'm little boried because I have to play the same songs all the time, in my level, of course, 6 and 7, I'm waiting the update to see the new songs, but today I've read someone tells the new premiun payment is 30 €/$ each month. I think it's very expensive for having new songs, yeah, new ones, and known. I can understand copyrights fees, but I still think it's very expensive. It would be interesting different kind of premium fees if someone is not interested in all instruments. I'm only interested in playing guitar, nothing else. I can't understand why I have to pay for piano, ukele or voice when I have no interest at all. I would be so appreciated if you consider some kind of flexibility, if not I'll have to leave the subscription, because I'm not satisfied.
This feature would be AWESOME if we could just access it.

As an all instrument subscriber - I still don't have access to switch my subscription. I subscribed through the Apple App Store - I wonder if that is what is causing the issue?

Anyone else who purchased their subscription thru the App Store able to switch to Premium+?

For those who have successfully accessed the new content - what are some of your favorite songs?
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