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By scott z
Can anyone who has done the new Premium + answer this please:
So is the backtrack the original artists' song or something homemade? I am very interested if it's still got the real vocals/etc. and not an in-house cover...
By scott z
Do the 'famous songs' have the original artist vocals/music as backtrack or is it an in-house cover?
By pzorenc
I own a all instruments subscription and read that most of the people get there new songs. So I was wondering is there a scheduling by country or some another selection. I dont see the logic of the rollout. :shock:
By Funsport1213
I reluctantly upgraded only because I wanted to play more variety in songs and since it says "play your favorite songs" I stupidly assumed it would give you all the songs you wanted. You get about 10 songs of their choosing in the level that you are at. So, forget about your favorite songs, you get about 10 of their choice. YOu don't get to try at any other level except maybe one lower level. so, unless you want to try to learn ukulele, bass, piano or voice while your still struggling with guitar, IT IS NOT WORTH IT!! I use to rave to other people about Yousician...not anymore. If I hadn't spent so much time and money already to get where I am at in guitar, I would quit. I am currently looking for other guitar learning platforms so if anyone knows of a good guitar learning platform, please inform us so we can quit yousician.
By kaarelk
Making own songs was bad anyway, atleast we can still add gp file into yousician. About the new plans its bullshit. It needs much more songs with different versions for the song (melody, fingerpicking, rhythm etc) And you have to buy it to see what you get. I guess no refunds either !?
Yousician is taking its last breaths. Sad.

I get my "popular songs" from fiverr for guitar pro. I'll better use that 30€ for the song i like. For 30 you get 3 different versions for a song or 2-3 different songs.
By dancody
I am also not happy with the upgrade. Contacting help was a waste of time. Paid for something that was snatched away and now I have to pay more money? Nonsense!
This is very disappointing!
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