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By BrunoC6
Yousician update - version 2.55

Hello fellow Yousicians!

This week Yousician will be updated to version 2.55. The update will be available for desktop users (Windows and MacOS) on Monday 27th August and later on the same week for mobile users (iOS and Android).


This update includes bug fixes and other improvements.

New features and changes

  • Popular songs are coming! Soon you will be able to play your favorite songs with Yousician. For more information, check out the official announcement.
    Please note, though, that popular songs won't be available on all platforms, for all instruments, for all users, in all countries right away. The roll-out, however, has already started and will be gradual over the period of several weeks. The content will vary depending on your geographical location due to the licensing agreements.
  • Voice - Version 2.55 adds support for Knowledge Path in the Voice syllabus. Levels 1 and 2 are expected to be released on September 3rd.
  • Unfortunately, we'll need to let the video recording feature go. Over 35000 videos were recorded and we hope you liked using the feature. Yousician always strives to bring you the best learning experience, and we are always changing the app accordingly. Part of that is sometimes removing existing features to replace them with better ones. We learned a lot from the users who used the video feature and are working hard to improve the app according to the feedback we received. To everyone who has recorded a video - we encourage you to look back at it after a month of learning on Yousician - and enjoy how far you've progressed!

Bug fixes and technical improvements

  • Voice - While singing with headphones is still recommended, you should now get less false positives (notes turn green even if you're not singing) when the app gets its own backing track sound.
  • Some users may have experienced issues when playing the songs in the warm-up section of the Guided Lesson. This has now been fixed.

We hope that you will enjoy the new version of Yousician. Please leave your comments and feedback below. We would love to hear from you!

Keep on rocking!
Your Yousician team
By stringedup
Really starting to dislike this program..... Now we cant upload songs or create our own. And now I have to pay $30 a month to play popular songs? You are kidding, right?
Also, I am only interested in the guitar and to get access to popular songs I have to pay for access to all instruments....(NOT PAYING FOR THAT). It WAS fun. Thanks for nothing,

(We had access to popular songs, but you guys took that away).
By johnnxx67
I agree! I just upgraded for 180 dollars for premium plus and I have all instruments but still no songs! I have no interest in anything but guitar. I actually practice in silent mode so I don’t have to hear yousician songs. It’s a great platform for learning techniques but as soon as I’m proficient in them I’m done with yousician! It sounds to me like they got greedy and are money grabbing. Its really a shame that they ruined such a great platform for playing guitar. I think 10 dollars a month was fair but 30 dollars a month is insane for an APP!
By kittyrag
On one hand, you can justify company for trying to maximize their profit by adding new features to monetize; it's clients' choice to decide whether they want new features or not. On the other hand, it's rather disappointing, that such essential and precious features as recording and video conversion are stripped and basically replaced by paid alternatives.
By cyrusbrooks
Thank you for your update. There are some issues Which I want to report. Firstly the scrollbar doesn't work so when you try to make a loop you have no idea where you are stopping starting. Secondly, in piano sometimes my keyboard is being read half a tone higher and I must close the program and reopen it to fix the problem. Thirdly, also in piano, if I want to change the volume or audio settings when I'm playing piano musician I have to exit the song and go into the settings and then into the audio settings and then all the way back where I was. This is a lot of effort when every other instrument has an icon to go into the audio settings without leaving the song.
By bananas2410
Honestly guys,
this is ridiculous, you are trying to sell us a program, where the best feature has been taken away, which was the opportunity of being part of a sharing community through USER GENERATED SONGS,
as better than it was but it clearly isn´t . So I do allow myself to speak for myself and maybe the whole community that this is hypocrisy.
WHat happened to the songs ? Are they now getting sold to us ?
By scaryclown
I paid the extra for premium + just to get "popular songs". I have no interest in playing all instruments either. But if you want premium + that's the only way. It should be a different price bracket not force people to pay for something they don't want just to get a part that they do.

Also, now that I have the so called "popular songs", I'm not all that impressed. There are a couple of songs that I want to play but most of them are of no interest to me and not considered popular in today's world. So at this point unless they start adding what the world listens to on the radio these days, I would not recommend upgrading blindly like many of us did. Have someone give you a list of the songs/artists before upgrading to see if any of them interest you to make your money worth it.
By kenny appermans
When you first released the Premium+ songs I noticed there were some Disney songs on the list like: Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid and You're Welcome from Moana. Wanted to subscribe for the Premium+ just cause Disneysongs on the Uke sound awesome! .... But I can't find them anymore. What happend? Copyright issue's?
By RedHotFuzz
Unfortunately, we'll need to let the video recording feature go. ..... Yousician always strives to bring you the best learning experience, and we are always changing the app accordingly. Part of that is sometimes removing existing features to replace them with better ones.
So you removed video recording...which "better" feature did you replace it with??? This makes zero sense. Yousician continues to "evolve" to be less and less appealing as time goes on. Still no family subscription plan, bass fingering sucks, no more video recording or YouTube integration. Methinks you're driving customers away faster than you're gaining them. Good job?
By tho msen
Are you kidding? I have the guitar only plan. And I don't want to play other instruments. The best thing was to play songs from youtube. I'm out and unsubscribe.
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