Want to know about updates and announcements, this is the right place.
By mikeymoff86
So basically you removed half the app that I was paying $10 a month for and now want to sell it back to me for $15? This whole game is just a sinking ship. What's next, an extra $5 a month to store my username and password! Especially when I only pay $30 A YEAR for the Ultimate Guitar website and it has every song with official tabs I could ever want. I just don't understand how you can remove half your content without warning to your paying customers, then sell it back to us for a 50% price increase without warning. So much for being a "valued customer".
By johnnxx67
I upgraded to premium plus like they wanted and still no songs. Anyone have any info? Why are there only yousician songs to play? :shock:
By scott z
Yousician Customer Support: "The popular songs are cover versions of the originals. However, based on user feedback so far, the covers have been made so well that you don't even necessarily realize they are cover versions. "
By vitalibeam
The new voice-instrument feature is very good and innovative. But when will we be able to upload songs to this mode? (at least gpX... ) I'm Russian, so I need a russian popular (tradition, e.t.) songs for my children. :)
By jimawe
The background track is now wrong for some of the tracks (Four Seasons -Winter, Frares Jacque, etc). Annoying to say the least, since I’ve been practicing those every day for weeks.
By sylvan lynx
I’m very disappointed with the loss of the YouTube play along feature. This was the main reason I chose this app over others. It seems that you have dramatically decreased the functionality and are demanding nearly double the payment for the privilege. I have searched your catalogue for many of the songs I wanted to learn and nothing. You can’t seriously expect to maintain a decent list for a global audience without YouTube. I had been all ready to pay for the premium plus plan but now the value has significantly dropped.
By dankonionbro
Hello Yousician,

I don't understand what you're trying to pull off, but just in case you missed the "Customer Loyalty" class in your marketing courses, keeping a customer loyal to your brand costs on average the tenth of a new one. But eh, I'm not the one paying for a production team(s) and the YouTube ad placement.

This whole thing feels like rumors; you can Go Your Own Way, but I'm Never Going Back Again.

Good luck with the shenanigans.
By kzwack
I can't get the last song of a level to "click" so I can practice it and get to the next level. How come there is no direct help or "contact us?" Very annoying.
By drjcaves009
Hello. I have a problem with the last update. I updated the app today, but when I tried to use it to practice with my guitar, I realized the tuner is not calibrated. And I am sure because I have a tuner of my own, and there my guitar was tuned, but not in the app. And because the app's tuner is not calibrated, I can't perform the songs. I hope this issue can be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for your comprehension
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