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By Jörg Hoinkis
When I signed into the last billing period, I was practicing songs you now took away without alternative. Asking me to pay more to get a small selection of cover versions instead, is a brazen move. No discount, no explanation!

Now I just wanted to practice, and the program is lagging on PC and Mac once again! It's also loosing volume settings.

In three out of four times I return with positive attitude to play, Yousician makes it impossible for me to keep that up!
By howiethedrummer
I haven’t been practicing the vocal section of Yousician for a couple of months now and when I left off I was excited in the singing section you could shut off the lead vocals and just hear yourself singing the songs without the lead vocal helping you. I loved it so much that I created a folder of songs where you could mute the lead vocal. I found this very helpful. I just started practicing singing again and found out that option does not exists any more. Why!?!?! Please bring it back!!!! I like the scale, arpeggio and harmony singing section (I need work on that) but we need more!!!you make it the gem smashing game which is ok but we need it in the song mode where the teacher sings first and then you and then together it would be way more helpful especially if you could harmonize with one of the teachers in songs. Please make that happen!!!
By howiethedrummer
How come the Mac version of yousician is running slower than on my iPad and I have to keep adjusting the bit rate to avoid the frequent distortion happening when I’m practice on my singing into my microphone or practicing my guitar? I never used to do this. Why? Please fix this it disrupts my learning.
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