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By ltzering
Why is so much changing from just a couple years? We used to be able to put our own songs or versions of famous songs. There were great people who would do this and now we can't use user made we can't even do the YouTube download which want the best no offense. Ive been on here for 2 and something yrs and im really upset at the outcome of the decsions youve made, and now its not free and preimum its premium + premium if you dare want to learn a good famous song. So disappointed.
Alright come for me bc I am rude and annoying.....
By manda97
I have to agree with Itzering here. It disappoints me that I am only able to play 4 (!!!!) songs during every lesson. A year ago a lot more was possible and I am really sad because Yousician used to be such a cool app.. you were able to upload your own songs and had fun, but the fun is nowhere to be found now. Why do free accounts have to 'suffer' like that ? Free account users are also here to learn something and not be treated like that.. and the 'start your free 7 - day trial' ad after a every song also gets annoying and doesn't lead me to actually want to try out premium or premium + even.
It would be nice to be able to have fun whilst learning a new instrument again, please fix this.
By marian klatt
You like something enough to use it for years and not fork over ten bucks a month?

Imagine going into a bakery for free samples every day then complaining if they get smaller.

Ten bucks is cheap, y'all. Music lessons are usually $25 each, weekly.
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