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By adjoiningchief
This statement is not true for me:

All Instruments subscribers with ongoing subscription will now be able to upgrade to Premium+! Just select any of the Premium+ songs in the app and you'll get an option to switch your plan. Please note that if the auto renewal of your subscription is cancelled, you won't be able to upgrade just yet. However, we are already working on this option and it should become available pretty soon.

I have an all instruments subscription that has auto renewed for the past two years and still set to auto renew.

When I open Youcisian on my Mac I do not see ANY Premium+ songs.
dgsteig wrote:
Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:05 pm
Does this version still support importing Guitar Pro files? I am confused, because the '+' sign is missing from the Songs page - does it only appear for Premium + users or is it actually no longer a capability? If not, how come there are still all those articles about it in the help wiki?

Also not seeing that "+" sign... want to import some Guitar Pro files...
Any updates on that?
By runkenshi
p90player wrote:
Tue Sep 11, 2018 2:07 pm
Wow do you expect to play them all in 1 month at all levels? What are you going to signup for $15/mo if you cancel Yousician? I am sure you spend more money on Apple Itunes, Internet Service or coffee each month but for something you use as a learning tool, it is too expensive?
Here's the thing, I already paid for a subscription that gave me the ability tot play and add songs.

And that's just the point. These songs are all the songs playable for the Uke. Lots of songs in this list I don't like and for the handfull of songs I do like I don't intend tot pay 1/3th extra for.

Without the list I made I woudn't even have a clue what I'm even paying extra for. This is a great thing for the app users who are already having the €/$ 15 plan but I hope the players paying €/$ 10 a month and just wanted to learn one instrument know what they are upgrading for.

It's a bit the same with the ukulele knowledge path. If I upgrade or not I'm not guaranteed these things will be added or not.

Yousician needs to be more transparent. What songs are we getting, which country do get these songs, how many songs will be added in the future. . .

If this is more clear I don't even mind paying €/$ 20 a month as long as I can play the things I want to learn. (Disney songs on the Uke)

Might this be clearer yes.... I'd upgrade. If not then yes, I will take enough with playing just the 10 min a day for free and stop my subscription.

Thanks for reading.
By KingGeorg
So let me get this straight....all the new fancy songs are only available on premium+. But what if I dont want to have access to all instruments but only those new songs ...of which there arent many yet anyway? So I was promised that instead of the taken out a feature that was available on paying for the yearly subscription for one instrument I would get some sort of replacement but yet you only introduce this replacement for a higher paying tier that I do not own an Im not willing to pay for either. I understand that you want make some money ....but this is somewhat a slander you are doing here after all I payed for all features given at a time. And yes Im very much not contend with what you have done, even so I still like your app you lost quite a lot of stars on my board.

You know making money and doing core changes is ok when communicated properly ..but it should be done in a fashion that doesnt screw your customers. For example will this integration of new songs impact the addition of new Yousicians song for non premium+ members?

The major flaw I see in your current concept is that you are after quick money with this strategy...but what if premium users get to a sufficient level with your app but dont want to pay that kind money anymore for insufficient content that they can get otherwise and cheaper because they are now good enough on the instrument? I certainly will now see to it that I can graduate from Yousician sooner than later now looking at the current state of the development of things.
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