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By nickolasjbrown
Piano colors;
Very much dislike the new piano color scheme.
trying to find the positive on this update; its forcing me to learn normal sheet instead of using the colors.

Still laggy stutters sometimes, also takes the program way too long to startup; windows starts up faster... wtf lol
No customization of colors, fingering, background, etc.
No uploading your own songs or files.
Requires constant internet connection.
By kittimus
I agree with other people regarding the inability to calibrate before each song, it can be complicated trying to find the exact place for fingerings on the very short lead into some songs. I'm kind of neutral on the color, it works for me either way. It would be nice to have options to choose from.

I also really wish you could get it so that it would work offline, when I travel I don't always have easy internet access at times I spend weeks in completely dead zones. It would be very nice not to have to stop for weeks at a time, just be able to download before I enter those areas.

It would also be nice to know when songs are coming out in my area and which songs are available more easily.
By cleeebass
These are some radical changes to the program and since it's a paid product, I kind of think it's a shame that there is no dialog here between the developers and the community that actually uses the program.

I wish I could find the famous songs!!!!

they're not in the home screen as indicated in your post
"You can see the entire library of famous songs by tapping See More near the Famous Songs row in the home screen. Make sure to come back regularly to see what's new. Couldn't find your favorite song in Yousician? Request it here! We'll try our best to add the most voted songs."

and I can't find them if I search for them!

what's the deal yousicians?
By manbearpug
I like the update to the note colors, but please consider adding color options for users. Especially for the background colors. Light on light is incredibly taxing on the eyes and It is even worse now with the new update.

I'm really hoping for a dark background theme. The performance background colors are the worst offenders. It's very difficult to play for more than ten minutes without my eyes getting tired.

If our goal is to use your app more, and to practice longer, then consider darkening everything but what's important.

By shmuma
Agree with everybodyin this thread - colors are disgusting and hard to distinguish. Decrease in functionality and attempt to make more money from already quite expensive subscription makes me feel that I need alternatives. 120 eur per year is already significant, but turning it into 180 eur by moving functions into premium+ mode looks like a cheating.

Upd: in attempt to fix those colors issue, tried to switch to "color blind mode" and surprise-surprise: it changes only background, but not the color of keys. What convenient and handy for color-blind people: use THREE shadows of blue to repsesent different keys without an option to change them! Bravo Yousician team, you're definetely going to ruine the great app.
By magnuslicious
I cannot agree more with what has already been told. Yousician is an absolutely amazing app and is finally helping me to be able to play the piano. But the new color theme is appalling. I can’t believe you are changing the colors without an option to go back to the original color theme. I am so confused now and have problems playing. I am still in the early learning phase and rely heavily on the colors; with them changed I keep missing the keys. Please change the colors back or add an option to get the old colors back...please please please with sugar on top.
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