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By blaine
How I wish you would stop removing critical features for paying customers and adding fluff and clutter. I'd pay another $10/month if I could have song upload again, if note green/red score chart would not disappear immediately after finishing songs in perform mode, and not be harassed about instruments that I don't want.

How can your development team not understand what 'favorites' are for? The ability to toggle favorite songs for the learn tree has become useless since some numb-skull UX developer removed the star notations from the tree pane. Can no longer tell which songs I previously decided that I need to practice more. Star rating imperfections, lack of override ability, and inconsistencies make that strategy a no-go.
By GWar'73
This may not be the best place for this comment, but I just have to post it.

Poland celebrates its 100th anniversary of independence on Nov 11th. Would be really cool if Yousician could contribute to the celebration and crate some song(s) in this theme. I remember last year Finland celebrated its 100 yrs and we all could get a taste of Finland playing some songs in a weekly challenge section.

Hope this is at least something to consider!
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