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By ys15

Yousician update - version 2.61

Hello fellow Yousicians!

You asked and we've heard your call! We're happy to bring you "Fear of the Dark" made famous by Iron Maiden, one of the songs you requested on our song requests forum.
Also, searching for songs is now easier thanks to our new trending searches. And last but definitely not least, push notifications have been fixed and are back already!

New songs

We are adding more songs to our constantly growing library of famous songs. These include songs made famous by:
  • Iron Maiden: Fear Of The Dark
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers: Scar Tissue
  • One Direction: More Than This
  • and many more...
You can see the entire library of famous songs by tapping "See More" near the "New on Yousician" row on the Home screen. Make sure to come back regularly to see what's new.
Can't find your favorite song in Yousician? Request it here!

New features

  • Want to find new songs to play but don't know what to search for? Get inspired with the new trending searches! Now, tapping the search button will show you the current trending searches instead of a blank screen. Simply tap any entry and the app will take you to the search results!

Bug fixes and technical improvements

  • Push notifications are back. Yay! Now go and beat your friends' high scores ;)
  • While playing a song in Practice Mode at the slowest tempo possible, the app would still show a slowing down tempo pop-up. This is now fixed.
  • The song level filter alignment on iPhone X has been fixed.

The update will be available for PC and Mac on Monday, November 26th, and for Android and iOS a few days later. We hope you will enjoy the new songs and improvements. Please leave your comments and feedback below. We would love to hear from you!

Keep on rocking!
Your Yousician team
By KingGeorg
I dont know what I need this new feature for at the moment. As you probably are aware Im paying for guitar only because Im not interested in all instruments subscription. Sadly I havent noticed much new songs in the past besides those that annoyingly plastered with but cant play anyway..because of someones lacking (in my opinion) marketing strategy. I presume when using your new search feature it will be the same outcome because your filters suck intentionally? I feel more and more left out and will probably quit Yousician this year and look for something where I have at least the feeling to get what I pay for. ( I really dont get you guys I would really rethink your business approach if I were you, but well.... it’s not that I’d care much for you anymore :| )
By cleeebass
"Trending" is based on just that: trending. I have no interest in what other people are searching for. I'm interested in what I am searching for. Others don't care what I'm searching for either. It's music. Everyone is different.

It seems they keep trying to make improvements but are doing it so half-assed. Just add a NEWLY ADDED button or WHAT'S NEW so we can see what new songs were released recently. Or the ability sort by Newest. Why is that so difficult to do? Once again, if you click SEE MORE on the songs page, it takes you to an alphabetic list of all the songs. How on earth a company does not see that making us scroll through a list of hundreds of songs and say, "Hmm, did I see that one last time? Oh, well, maybe it's new..." is a good idea is beyond me?

It seems that these "improvements" that are being made to the service are based on developer preference and not user preference. I have never seen so many "improvements" on a service like this that upset the paying customers, myself included. Do they not do surveys or something to see what the paying public wants?
By gaspesy
Why Trending ??? Do you want to Kill Music ?? Because my neighbor likes Miley Cyrus I have to see her songs in my list?? Yukkkiiii hahaha

Everyone has his own taste ... Why do not list songs by "New" or "Premium" fields?
I don't pay just to know the taste of most of mortal people... ;)
I really enjoy the app but when it comes to find songs ... based on my taste, it's hard to find them.
The Search motor is well done when based on "difficulty" items or on "Chords or Lead"...

Think twice before doing changes ...
By sams57
I would NOT have purchased a yearlong subscription to ALL instruments if I had known the Teacher Dashboard was going to quietly disappear with no notification. I went through much red tape to secure funding from the elementary school where I teach, and now what I got funded is defunct, and I am beyond frustrated.
While I understand your efforts to "keep the software up to a high standard" is a high priority, the fact that keeping the teacher dashboard "does not seem feasible at this time" leaves music educators like myself feeling unsupported, and of extremely low priority.
I realize that one music teachers tiny rant will not make you rush out and reinstall the teacher dashboard, but I do hope your company understands that in the effort to provide music education, you just omitted your program being used in music education.
sams57 wrote:
Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:09 pm
I realize that one music teachers tiny rant will not make you rush out and reinstall the teacher dashboard, but I do hope your company understands that in the effort to provide music education, you just omitted your program being used in music education.
I've got to agree that this is a definite backward step if you want Yousician to be taken seriously as a music education tool rather than just a video game. Bring back the teacher dashboard!

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