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By BrunoC6

Yousician update - version 3.0

Happy New Year, Yousicans!

The show never stops and we are welcoming 2019 with a new app update! You may have noticed the new update will take Yousician to version 3.0. Good eye! (you probably didn't expect to get your first compliment of 2019 here, eh?). That's right, we are changing how version numbers are attributed to new updates this year but do rest assured that this will have no impact on your new years plan to continue (or start) to learn your favorite instrument.

New year, new look seems like a good motto and that's what we did to our home screen. While it is not a complete makeover (we think it looked quite pretty already), you will notice some changes to the size of the pictures and different spacing between them. This will lead to better readability and visibility of all items.


Speaking of looks, you may notice a cleaner list of songs when accessing a collection or searching for something. We have worked to simplify and unify the list views and this is the result:


Our mobile users will also be happy to know that a new master volume slider will be added to Yousician which will allow you to control the apps volume (including video sound). If you're using a virtual amp running in parallel with Yousician, your life is about to change!

New songs

As usual, we are adding more songs to our constantly growing library of famous songs. These include songs made famous by:
  • The Beach Boys: God Only Knows
  • Years & Years: Desire
  • R.E.M.: The One I Love
  • and more...
You can see the entire library of famous songs by tapping "See More" near the "New on Yousician" row on the Home screen. Make sure to come back regularly to see what's new.
Can't find your favorite song in Yousician? Request it here!

Bug fixes and technical improvements

  • Our Piano users may have noticed slight issues pausing songs by tapping some parts of the screen. This should no longer happen.
  • On Android, getting a call would not pause the app. While we are happy if you want to share our awesome songs with your friends and family (or maybe that ex that doesn't stop calling), we definitely don't want to force it. The issue is fixed!
  • The menu button shown in the search results was slightly misaligned on iPhone X and up models. Not anymore.

The update is now available for PC and Mac and will soon be released for Android and iOS. We hope you will enjoy the new songs and improvements. Please leave your comments and feedback below. We would love to hear from you!

Keep on rocking!
Your Yousician team
By johnmosley
Glad to hear that the master volume control is coming back in the mobile version, that will help anyone using an amp sim app.

Is it possible that you could post the full list of new songs that are added with each version, rather than just saying “and more....”. As you can not identify in the app what is new in that version there is no way to quickly identify new songs.
By mhglover
Consider this another request asking for a full list of songs added in updates. It'd be great to be able to sort the Premium+ songs by the date they were added and by the artist as well. I've been looking around to see if anybody has created a publicly editable Google Sheets document for tracking those songs since it's so hard to do within the application.
By nocnyptak
Many Piano players requested customization of color scheme please.

It is really a struggle to read music in piano practice mode, especially when you use colored notes or enhanced notation - but also standard notation ledger lines are hardly visible on dark background (long time ago they promised to 'shade the ledger lines' or sth around but I never noticed any difference). Blind-color scheme is not helpful. Please create an option for custom colors.

(I can't believe it but you changed colors for ukulele fingering instead...! - I have now pink for 3rd finger and orange for pinky)

I am also very disappointed that keyboard shortcuts are not available on ipad so I can't use anything to operate Yousician (neither footswitch nor wireless keyboard). It works on windows so why not on ipad???


I am glad to see my stars on search song results list with this update - this makes it a lot easier to see which songs I have already played. Thank you.
By Sdavis8888
Why did you take away the ability to rate songs and give feedback? Yousician has been fairly bad at responding to customer feedback, but now you don't even want to know how you're doing? (Not that you seemed to make many positive changes.)

You recently removed the "Coming Soon" place holder on the ukulele knowledge path and replaced it after 2 years with - NOTHING! Where is the Ukulele Knowledge path?

The survey you guys sent out today was a total joke. If that reflects your priorities for 2019 you really need to re-evaluate what you're doing with the service.

The voice curriculum needs a lot of work on providing quality instruction.

I got a premium subscription last year for the first time, based on the path you're on it will also be the last time.
By sonicboom1
Hello, I downloaded the app on my HP laptop, for some reason when I attempt to open it it'll initialize but will not open. Anyone having the same issue or have some tips?
By nocnyptak
sonicboom1 wrote:
Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:05 am
Hello, I downloaded the app on my HP laptop, for some reason when I attempt to open it it'll initialize but will not open. Anyone having the same issue or have some tips?
Run it as Administrator
By nocnyptak
How can we provide feedback now?
We could mention song errors while rating songs but this feature has now been removed.

For example, this week challenge FUR ELISE on piano is marked as FULL PIANO however it is an error (It's far from original and it doesn't even cover YS version in full).
We do want full piano version (original) in the Syllabus please (I appreciate it is a high level target but many people would love to practice this piece regularly).

There are also misleading fingering issues on some songs.
Some songs are not described properly. Etc etc.

Please bring back the possibility to rate and provide feedback.
By lobozone
I'm using a chromebook and with this last version the app gets freezed after the log in. My chromebook is updated and other apps that I have for android are working well. I have installed the app a few times but it's always the same, after writing my username and the password, the app stops when it starts to log in.
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