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By dipe1
Unplayable with midi keyboard at the moment!! Luckily the suggested trick to plug the keyboard in after yousician is loaded works fine!
By danilo bencke
Hey Guys!! Im having the same problem playing chords with my piano. The only thing i've noticed is that when im playing via USB i can solve the problem, but when i connect with MIDI is just unplayable, it seens like the synth is monophonic and cannot play chords (besides the huge latency in chords). Please solve this, since my teclado is conected via MIDI and i cannot play most of the musics like this.

Please give a support for ASIO Driver too.
By catherinedub
mr. giggio's trick worked for me too. The midi delay after the most recent update made Yousician unusable. However, not plugging the midi device in until after Yousician has loaded DOES FIX THE PROBLEM. Yousician needs to fix this though, we should not need a workaround such as this to simply use the product that we are PAYING FOR.
By flyandy7
I also have a chromebook and because of version 3.2, I can no longer use Yousician on my chromebook.... which is quite frustrating, as it is my main way to use Yousician. Is there any way you could provide the Yousician experience to chromebooks? Otherwise, I feel like I spent all this money only to have what I was promised taken away from me, because of an update I wasn't made aware of until it was too late.
By jonsimmouk
Gotta agree with a lot of the other comments, the new UI is horrible to use.

Sometimes I like to start off at the lower levels and build up, often by picking songs with missing stars at each level - this just does not seem possible.

Other times I want to concentrate on say fingerpicking or chords - again not possible.

Other times I just want to work through what is new, again no way to get a date ordered list of tracks.

Just need to add some sort/filter options:
Order by:
Date Added (Asc/Desc)
Date Last Played (Asc/Desc)
Most Played (Asc/Des)

Filter by:
Missing Silver Stars
Missing Gold Stars
Playing Style (Chords, Fingerpicking etc)

Would also be nice to list ranking against each song (at level/global), and be able to sort (asc/desc) on these too.

I.e. give us control of what we want to see/play!

I have the date in my calendar to cancel my subscription before renewal, as I find the current implementation not fit for (my) purposes.
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