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By BrunoC6

Yousician update - version 3.5
Hi Yousicians,

We know what you’re thinking: “Where is the list of new songs?!”. Fear not, we are not running out of them! In fact, we are working on a special set of songs that will find their way to Yousician soon! Keep an eye on our Weekly Challenges and check our Social Media channels (Facebook and Twitter) for more information.

As always, we value your requests on our Song Requests Forum so if you can’t find your favorite song in Yousician, make sure to request it there!

While you’re waiting for the new songs, get inspired with our new suggestions row! The new “Because you played X” section on the Home screen will show you songs similar to others you have played in the past. New recommendations will be available every Monday.


In other news, we hope our Piano players will be excited to find a new solution to show overlapping note! When using the enhanced notation mode, you may have noticed some notes could overlap, causing a few issues. Here’s what the solution looks like:


The list of bug fixes and other general improvements added to version 3.5 includes:
  • Fixed a sound delay found when pressing more than one key on a Midi keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue reported by a few users that were not able to use ASIO as their audio driver in-app.
  • On Voice, for exercises that require you to listen first and sing afterward, we have worked to make this information more clear.
  • Added a warning for Voice users to take a break after 30 minutes of singing time. It’s important to make sure your voice gets the rest it needs!
The update will be available for PC and Mac on Monday, March 18th, and for Android and iOS a few days later. We hope you will enjoy the new songs and improvements.

Keep on rocking!
Your Yousician team
By jyge
Frankly, I am not interested in playing your songs and sending requests for your songs and paying more for it. I want to play my songs and make the adaptations to fingerings etc., the very best thing about Yousician is the interface so I do not understand why you disabled the whole song editor.

There was never really any need to upload the tabs or share it, that allegedly lead to copyright discussions. If the song editor would have worked on local powertab files and background tracks without uploading and sharing anything it would have been completrly legal and a real enhancement. The way it is going I am soon in the end of my subscription.
cyrusbrooks wrote:
Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:20 pm
My screen is not moving anymore. Possibly since the update it is just not working. See my video showing this. https://youtu.be/GXpwbqDfbCE
I have reported it to tech support just now too. Anyone else run into this?
[Windows 7, PC]
Hi! Please reach out to support so that we could investigate the issue further. Here is a link: https://yousician.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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