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By BrunoC6

Yousician update - version 3.7

Hi Yousicians,

New tunes heading your way with this update include songs made famous by:
If you can’t find your favorite song in Yousician, make sure to request it on our Song Requests Forum.

This update brings additions to the Home tab in order to make it a true home for your content. The Songs tab has been combined with the Home screen, meaning easy access to your Favorites, Collections, and History. The goal for the change is to make it easier for you to find the songs you want to play and to simplify the navigation. When you want to collect missing silver stars, go for gold, and play all gold for songs, you can find the collections in the Workouts tab, located under the Learn tab.

Based on feedback from users who tested the feature beforehand, a bunch of other improvements were added to ensure the new rows provide you with the best browsing experience possible. Thanks to all the users who participated in the tests!

More changes are coming in the future, as we’re currently working on a personalized way to position the rows based on how often you use them.


Speaking of changes to the Home tab; remember the times you found a song you really liked playing and wanted to see if there were other versions available? Now you find them with the Exercise bundles!


Open any of the bundles to see a list of exercises available for the song. Your favorites will be highlighted with a heart icon.


As usual, we’ve made some improvements and bug fixes with this version:
  • After a recent update, we received reports from Piano users about notes being out of synch with the music, that the notes weren’t visible at all or that they were overlapping. These have now been fixed. Thanks to the users who reported about these.
  • The metronome for 6/8, 9/8 and 12/8 time signatures was changed to improve the feel of the actual beat at the start of a song.
  • Count-in, both at the beginning of a song and during individual parts, was unified to take into account all tempos and time signatures.
  • Stuttering graphics and crashing occurring on Mac OS 10.13 and older have been fixed.
  • Users on iPhone X can now view all of the screens without any overlapping issues.
The update will be available for PC and Mac on Tuesday, April 23rd, and for Android and iOS a few days later. We hope you will enjoy the new improvements.

Keep on rocking!
Your Yousician team
By boldo1
Could you please bring back the leaderboards for the individual song sections? Deleting them was a terrible idea and greatly diminishes the usefullness of the app! Thank you.
By grickalica

1. sorry but this update 3.7 is just awful. I have no idea why you removed songs tab and put in home screen. Navigating through app was bad enough and now you thought to make it even worse? So, to get to desired music genre i have to scroll all the way down, press the next arrow few times, click see more and I'm finally there.

2. Why Premium songs don't have their own tab is beyond me. They are all over the place, in new, top songs and what not. ?!

3. When will navigation with keyboard be finally implemented? Scrolling with mouse is such a pain, probably the slowest scrolling ever. But that's just probably because of those huge icons you use.

4. Why can't we no more search for styles, techniques etc but only song names and artists? Previously, i would search for "fingerstyle"or any other term and the result would be all fingerstyl songs. Now, search is totally useless. This worked till some update.

This is a rather pricey service to have such bad design. And it feels like with every new update this app is getting worse and worse. Such a disapointment

Have a nice day!
By manny2002m
OMG, this update is just horrible, can I revert please? Now I have to scroll all the way down and swipe swipe swipe !!! What are you guys thinking ? , you just took a shortcut away for no reason! Usually GUIs get shortcuts added for easy navigation, not taken away. Please strip the yearly bonus from the GUI designer and everyone else that got this approved ! By the way, where is the “History” of songs I played ?? It was so easy before and now I can’t even find it.
By artur faizov
Guys this update so disappointing. I was learning all blues and jazz songs one by one. Now there is no place where I can find all song of one type all together.
Please get back songs sorting based on janra
By zipperkarting
I have the free version and have religiously worked through the topics but I seem to have come to an end.
I cannot find any new things to learn.
Am I correct in that I have come to the end of the free service or what?
By clydew
I agree the missing song menu item removal of this release is a poor design decision. I use it to learn all the songs at a level per genre.
By dougcoughanour
I think the update removed the ability for me to use my Scarlett interface on my iMac. I too am less than impressed with the changes to the interface. What really upset me was how you added content like Abba and then took it away a few weeks ago. Please test your updates with “supported” hardware before releasing it and maybe consider getting some feedback from paying customers before implementing changes.
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