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By anton.ys

Yousician update - version 3.9

Hi Yousicians,

New tunes heading your way with this update include songs made famous by:
If you can’t find your favorite song in Yousician, make sure to request it on our Song Requests Forum.

With this update navigation on the Home screen gets even easier: now you can press the row titles to open the list view for that row! Thanks to all the users who gave their feedback on the Home screen. More changes to it are coming in the future, so stay tuned.


Have you tried the exercise bundles already? With this version, they’ve been improved as well! Now, when you open any bundle, Yousician will recommend you one of the exercises based on your current level.


If you’re using Yousician to learn singing, you’ll be happy to know that several improvements are coming with this update. We’ve made enhancements into how your singing gets evaluated, to ensure that Yousician doesn’t reject notes in some particular contexts. Moreover, we removed the “perfect” timing feedback to improve readability, and now you’ll only get feedback if you’re early or late on a note.

As usual, we’ve made some improvements and bug fixes with this version:
  • Latency has been optimized for some of the Android devices using Android Audio.
  • Your score in the Note Catcher mini-game will now be always visible.
  • Skip button will now be more visible on the hand calibration screen for Piano.
  • Pause button has been removed from the hand calibration screen for Piano.
The update will be available for PC and Mac on Monday, May 20th, and for Android and iOS a few days later. We hope you will enjoy the new improvements.

Keep on rocking!
Your Yousician team
By lehik
Thanks for the update. Here's a few things I think are worth mentioning:

- The "genre view" (or is it "Yousician Collections"?) is still hard to access , as the user needs to scroll down (a lot), then scroll sideways to find and click the "See More" to access the view...which used to be my starting point when finding new stuff to play. Nowadays I'm more or less just repeating few songs from the home view (which is good for training those particular songs, but not for finding stuff just for fun).

- The "Clickable home screen row titles to open list view" is a nice feature, but the titles don't give *any* "UI-clue" that they are clickable. I don't know if I would have ever found this feature if I haven't red about it here...unless by more or less accidentally clicking on a title. How about some visual clue (or just an old and boring list icon)?

- Overall, the Home screen song icons are huge. I do realize that you want to keep them big especially for Premium songs as they represent the artists and/or album cover, but they eat screen space _a lot_.

...but thanks anyway, keep the updates coming :)

my son, 8 years old was training hard Roxette song the Look and he was very inspired and commited training that song. Then after one update, ping, the song was gone.

So, we started training Iron Maiden's Fear of the dark. Again, he was enjoying training the song and had a good progress on training. And then again after last update, ping, the song was gone.

So my question to the developer team is what is your policy at removing songs from library?
And if you are going to remove songs in future, could you please announce us users that this/these songs are going to be removed example like in ten days?
Looking forward of your response.
By sundown25

have you tried to search for the song? If you try the Search icon (Magnifying glass icon on the upper right corner of the screen) and type roxette in the search-line then all Roxette songs available appear.
The look ist there too. (at least on my iPhone)


By supernaut83

thanks for the fast reply.

i tried to search these songs using magnifying class icon, no results. I also tried to search these songs from yousician.com song search engine and they aren't there either. Im using yousician on pc and android.
By sundown25

Can‘t Check if it’s a Windows/Android problem since i have only Apple Hardware available but the Songs are definately there.
Maybe it is a regional problem with Copyright? Wich Region do you live in?
In Germany the Songs are still there...



Update: Just Tried to find Metallica Songs an there are None to find :shock:
By thjorsson
also here to complain about fear of the dark by iron maiden suddenly being gone without any notice or announcement. tried to find the song on severel different devices cause I couldnt believe it just had been removed. thats not good customer service imo!
By supernaut83
Im from finland and it might be copyright thing after all.. I dont know how exactly this copyright thing works with yousician but it sounds kinda funny that songs have time limited copyrights.. maybe yousician support team could open up this mystery.. :D
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