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By shangse
I have been a Yousician member for a couple of years now and I am finding that I am losing interest in the songs available. When I want to sing for fun, I used to pop open the Yousician app and practice for a bit, but now I find that I want more light-hearted and recognizable songs, so I search other sources for Disney Karaoke, however these doesn't give nearly the same experience as Yousician. With this in mind, I was thinking just how nice it would be to have some Disney songs to be able to perfect using Yousician. I can understand that Disney, being a large company, may have some extra requirements before their songs can be used, but I think it would be really worth it for the player base (for example, I know that Yousician would be easier for me to recommend to friends if I could point them to it to perfect their Disney karaoke).

Just a thought, I really love Yousician and would love to see it expand a bit more :).
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