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By sonicboom1
Fleetwood mac, little lies. Good song to learn and play clean. Looks like a song that will get you moving fast around that fret board. I hit a wall with it. But find it puts everything into perspective, navigating with accuracy. Strap in and try it on.
By sonicboom1
Anyone having trouble passing that american pie song at the end of level 5 rhythem? Who in their right mind would want to play this song to relax
..yikes. once i break out, i will never re-visit this total melt down. Got 2 more sections to pass. Been doing each section like 50 times for one star. I don't think this a learning experience. More like totally breaking my confidence levels. Why are they not separating acoustic and electric? Two different animals....even the play list all about accoustic, with 90 percent of the songs strumming chords!!! Im starting to feel like this thing is not really set up for electric at all.
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