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By philip0908
Hey guys,

after an eternity, I now managed to leave the fingerpicking section behind me and move on to moving chords (while I passed level 7 on lead ages ago). But gosh.. I was so looking forward to it because the fingerpicking lessons had me to bring the A game. But now I'm disillusioned.. I find the moving chord section so hard. Anyone that feels the same?

By mshine69
I suggest to learn 'movable chords' as proper barre chords (using all 6/5 strings). Good guidance in here for example: ... Method.php

It might be good idea to go back to the easy songs with few chord changes and relaxed rhythm and play open chords as barres to learn the ropes.

It won't be easy. I've been practicing them for about six months and still not very comfortable with them. But barre chords are the fundamentals of intermediate guitar playing and in the end worth all the pain and effort.

Btw, how's your guitar action & setup? If it's factory default (most likely too high), it really adds to the difficulty.
Thanks for the feedback, sorry to hear you're having trouble with the moveable chord shapes.

It's a bit unusual that the full barre shapes would be easier (since the moveable shapes are simply the barre shapes with the hardest notes left out), is it possible that there's some confusion about the shapes themselves or the technique involved? Maybe some incorrect fingering suggestions, or more detail needed in the tutorial video? Or do you find it easier to hold e.g. The root-6 major shape with a full 6-string barre rather than just the top 4 strings? Thanks again, any feedback is very much appreciated! :-)
By mshine69
For more complex stuff, many instruction videos in game are just way too short, and thus unclear. Applies to scale lessons for example: "here's a scale but we give you little idea what do with it or how to apply it", and even what's the exact name of this scale. Can be very confusing. Sometimes I don't get what the game is trying to teach me; a link to the whole is missing.

Link to relevant previous lessons or to a website?

I found the whole 'moving chords' a bit odd, because I've been learning on my own, and Yousician was the first time I run into the concept with no obvious link to barre chords. You could have explained the fundamentals and say that it's ok mute the thinnest strings if playing them is too hard in the beginning.

From a difficulty point of view, as a learner, getting the thinnest strings to ring out with barre grips isn't hard; the middle are (7th stuff). :-)
Thanks for the feedback mshine69, it's much appreciated! I really like the idea of linking to previous lessons or a website to get extra help when you need it.

Sorry you found the moveable chords section confusing! To clarify on why that topic is there, they are very popular shapes, often used in preference to full barre chords because they're easier to play and sound less big and boomy, so they suit certain songs and styles. Also, in terms of technique they're a great stepping stone between moveable power chord shapes and full barre chord shapes, because they use most of the full barre shape, but without the extra difficulty of using a full 5-string or 6-string index finger barre.

In the video at the start of the mission I spoke quite a bit about muting unused strings (it's the second half of the video), did you find that it was difficult to understand? Or maybe there was too much to take in at once, so it was hard to remember that by the time you were practicing the chords in the following exercises, and needed a reminder?

Re the 7th chord shapes, I agree that the barre 7ths are more difficult with the internal notes held with the index finger. That's why those shapes are at the end of the later mission on full barre chords, but in checking out the 7th shapes in the moveable chords mission I've realised that there are some fingering mistakes that make these chords seem much more difficult than they really are. I'm really sorry about that, I'll get them fixed asap.

Thanks also for your feedback requesting longer videos with more explanation. I looked through the guitar missions and couldn't see any scales which didn't have the name written there, but maybe it's hard to read or confusing, so I'll try to find ways to make that clearer. Maybe some text on screen while you're playing the scale?

Sorry that you don't get what Yousician is trying to teach you! If you'd like to have a more detailed chat please feel free to DM me and we'll line it up. :-)
By mshine69
I just thought an important link to the guitar fundamentals was missing. I was also quite surprised how unnecessary fast the first song on the concept was from my perspective.

That's also related to the thing I dislike about the app most, which makes the game not fun from time to time. Too much focus is forced on visuals at the expense of music. It's not that I can't play the stuff, I just can't read and play at the time - and that's not something I want to improve on. :/ Unfortunately, that's quite complex topic to discuss on the forum.

Btw, I'm happy to give feedback (been learning the guitar myself for about a year). Also, I happen to live in the Helsinki area if that makes any difference. 8-)

PS. Text on screen would really help on some stuff!
By PascalCl
Just came to this mission and my main problem is that I am having trouble keeping a low thump position? Any advice on this? My wrist also starts to hurt quickly trying to play these "light" barre chords.
I got to this lessen about two weeks ago and am completely stuck. Stronger Than Life is much too fast when I'm still trying to learn these new moveable cords. I've had very few issues up to this point, but I'm about ready to give up on Yousician.
HI @Daveshort, sorry you feel stuck! Here are a couple of quick suggestions:

- Most people would take many weeks to learn difficult new skills like this, and gradually perfect them over a period of months and years. So, my advice is to expect that it will take much longer to learn new skills, and in fact longer and longer as you get to heard and harder skills. The real trick is keeping up the effort and enjoying the journey.

- The most effective way to learn is to mix it up: cycle back to earlier missions, review easier songs you enjoy, and explore the Challenges, Songs, and Workouts tabs. If you mix things up like this, you'll give yourself the time, variety, and spaced-out repetition you need to tie skills together and make them second nature. Many other skills will transfer directly to moveable chords too, e.g. they're really just like power chords with an extra note, so if you play some fun riffs for a week you'll likely be better when you come back to moveable chords.

Hope that helps, let me know how you go! :-)

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