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By KaleyO
I agree I have been stuck in level 8 for months because I cant get past the moveable chords Stronger than life song. It is a very difficult song and the chords hurt my hand.

It would seem that Yousician should recognize that some users keep playing repeatedly the same daily lesson everyday and maybe break it down or add simplier song options in front. and then build them up so they can master it.

I feel like I just keep playing the same simple finger picking excercises everyday which I have mastered yet cant get past the one song
By Jajcus
I think that on of the problems with this level is, that the songs are quite hard when a completely new technique is introduced. It would be much easier to practice the new shapes and the new idea of moving them over the fretboard on a 'level 4' song. I can understand that would make the mission less interesting for more advanced players, who expect it to be harder than level 7, but for us, beginners something easier (and progressively becoming more difficult) would really help. For me the arpeggio in the second part of the first song of the mission was a bit too much.

Of course we can play level 3-5 songs with the new shapes (I do this a bit), but it misses a bit the point of Yousician - 'you play what you see'.
This is kind of off topic but I find the lessons lacking. Some of the challenges would be a lot easier if they where preceded by a short demonstration. Some lessons you don’t know where your supposed to position your fingers then the lesson is right on top of you. Like the minor and major scales lessons I played it a few times but it would have been a lot easier if a short video would have explained what we’re trying to achieve.

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