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By LastKiss
Hello everyone,
As you may know there is a reinforced bending section on Lead Path. In the trainer section, there is a tip that says "if you are on acouistic try replacing larger bends with slides."

So I am wondering whether If I should practice bending at all . Do guitarists use full bends ("1/1") on classical guitar (eventhough as it is rarely)? I had a little research about this topic and there are plenty of opinions. I am pretty sure that bending the nylon strings actually harms the strings.

I have already pass this level so it is not an important issue but bending (which is always for first 3 strings) is asked by the game for some songs further than level 7.

So How do you guys (who have only a classical guitar) approach this issue? Do you always slide instead of bend? I was trying to do slide+bend at the same time but I am not sure if that is correct .

I hope I explained myself clearly.
Thanks for any responds.
By nocnyptak
I played nylon strings until level 7 - and then decided to get my first electric. It is way easier to play Yousician on electric guitar, especially higher levels . I would not even try to do bends on classical guitar, its not that style... No need.
I have an acoustic guitar, not a classical one, and I’m finding that bending the strings in level 8 lead guitar is nearly impossible and I haven’t progressed. I’m interested in further developing my lead skills (fingerpicking, etc.) but bending strings on an acoustic is rarely called for. How can I progress beyond level 8 when I can’t pass the string bender portion?
Quick question regarding beding: Do I usually use my ring and middle finger to apply pressure? I feel that it works best for me when I have ring and middle finger in the fret and the index somewhat left to the other two fingers. However, it happens that I play a note with my pinky finger and the next thing to do is a bend. Do I keep my pinky on the string and bend or do I still switch to ring and middle finger?

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