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By mysticole928
In nearly every lesson, so far, the faceless instructor plays a G minor pentatonic scale.

My ear's not trained enough to follow it.

What is it?
By ys-james
Hi, I'm the faceless instructor - James! :-)

I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to - I play a different things at the start of each tutorial, demonstrating the style/technique that will be in the tutorial. They're all just things I improvised when filming, not well-known riffs or anything like that.

If you let me know which tutorial you're thinking of I can tell you how to play it?
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By joe owens
I kind of get a kick out of those -- something to aspire to. All told this is a more relaxed approach than some of the other device-platform trainers - looking at you ;) Fender Guitar School.

Sometimes I wish there was more diagnostic feedback after a series of exercises -- "if you were having problems with... *.* then try this.... "

Oh well. Let's go play.

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