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By Leejayd
I'm beginning to learn guitar with Yousician and finding the gaming/feedback aspects really helpful at this phase on my journey - at the same time I don't want to only use the game to learn as it's like learning to ride a bike with stabilisers.

Is there any risk related to over reliance on the game i.e. being able to only play with the Game. And are there any practical things I can do to reduce this risk?

Or should I stick with Yousician until I have good basic skills?

I'm thinking of the later but interested in other views.

By billbillouze

Same as you here.

After a year of intense yousician playing, I stopped using yousician paid version for two years to see where it gets me.

Well, it went quite good, opened up new playing perspectives, but let's say it not quite fun :)

since beginning of june i suscribed to yousician yearly pla again, planning ti use it aside from my self learning path.

The sure thing is that i get trained a lot wih thin app, getting finger agility and muscle memory. Thus, it easy to stay in the game and not be able to play ANY of the songs that you ve done on the game a thousand times..

so, i ll try this time a new approach : open the game, play with a song 2 times, and then write down the tabs on another software. That way i will get out of the game and practice with my tab / notes sheet.

All the best

By Rakesh Sarangi
This was exactly what I was thinking of doing.
But instead of writing down the tabs, is there any way to get it in some printable form from Yousician? That had be a great help, because some of the songs are really long.
I really want to be able to play Greensleeves without the game, by memorizing the whole thing.
By billbillouze
Nope no way to export Directly, but it s quick to write down the tabs with guitar pro for instance

One way around would be to record the guitar while played, and then use an audio to midi application, and then retranscribe it to a tab.. that would be longer than simply write down the tabs..

My 2cents
By todd1trillion
You could just use the game as sheet music! After you play a section in the game, pause the game and just practice that section while looking at the tablature. Go through the whole song and then try to do it from memory, putting it all together.

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