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By crisvector
Hi ,
Anyone who's playing with Yousician may know by now that user "Mister V" created a lot of great guitar Tabs from well known good songs. I recently stumbled on the tabs of the song "One call away- Charlie Puth" from Mister V and I think it's really great . Unfortunately I managed to enjoy it only 2 days and had the unpleasant surprise to find out that guitar tab written by Mister V have disappeared completely from Yousician , including from history and favorites. I really haven't expected this to happen and did not took any precautions to save the song or something like that.... :roll:
I think Mister V is a very talented guitar player and he is able to compose very good guitar tabs. If anyone knows him please tell him to put back the songs his has taken down for reasons known only by him. Also fairly good versions of Despacito are also gone from his compose list.

In hope that Mister V will read this and get back up the songs he took down ,have a great day ! :)

Same hee, maybe yousician team is working on replacing mister v files by proprietary versions with compliance to digital rights ..

Users needs new songs like the ones that mister v published.

Otherwise in long term they might get another app like ultimate guitar

All the best
This is such a bummer. The tabs that Mister V was putting out were by far and away my favorite on Yousician. Even songs I wouldn't listen to in my car were fun to play. Hopefully this content will return. Otherwise, I think I might just spring for real lessons.
And i thought i was the only one. .. Have you ever seen the rain disappeared from my favorites, history and the library. We need more songs badly in order to find the ones that suit you. I wish all of these internet lesson folks would offer their songs for practice in yousician. i for one would be willing to purchase some of them.
By AnttiH

If the songs in question were using YouTube backing tracks, there is a chance that it was not the user who removed them. YouTube (and especially the content uploaders/owners there) may specify whether a video can be played in external applications through the embedding system. In addition, videos may be country-restricted or in some cases just removed altogether. Any of these reasons may turn the video unplayable in Yousician.

The app is detecting success/failure rates for video playback and consequently songs that are using them. If it appears that the success rate is zero or very close to it, the song in question is not shown in search results or other listings. The decision is ultimately made by the video owner and reflected by the app. To ensure availability of user songs, please use only backing tracks where use in applications is both allowed and enabled. Unfortunately, no other workarounds can be provided to this general issue if the restriction is set on YouTube's side.
By bramgn
Yeah, it's too bad the songs are gone. I've seen some of his songs being played on Yousician on Youtube. So you might be able to find some of his work there and play along, or just listen to it.

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