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By Qwk86gn
It seems songs are being removed left and right, no explanation or anything. Is it copyright\ or what? It's getting to the point where I'm no longer enjoying Yousician...
Also check other discussions regarding the latest version the uploaded. They are deleting all your favorites, can no longer search for particular songs, and can no longer share with others. The only thing that can be done is play Yousician songs.
I just want to know why we are being forced to play yousician songs. No offense to the musicians but I like playing the songs I want to learn not songs I’m being forced to learn. That feature was one of the reasons I signed on. I feel like we need an explanation from yousician.
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By joe owens
The subscription plan "Premium" has been changed so that you need a *next tier* to access so-called "popular songs" is how I am reading this. I had a whole list of favourites that suddenly disappeared.
I agree. This is really not the way to treat paying customers, especially when all that was free before and with no explanation for removal.

Okay, Yousician has to make a profit but they are going to lose a lot of people judging by comments on this forum - including myself. I will not be renewing my subscription as I really don't like being treated like a dollar sign in such a cynical way. Clearly, they don't give a shit.
Okay, so according to the updates:

"If you currently have a Premium subscription for a single instrument and upgrade to Premium+, you will not only get access to popular songs, but also to all the instruments (guitar, bass, our brand new instrument voice, piano and ukulele)."

In other words, if you paid for premium subscription for a single instrument you now have to upgrade AGAIN to get access to the songs. So, I've essentially paid for considerably less than what I was originally offered.

Very poor customer management.
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