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I really liked on the earliest practice sessions how it stopped automatically if you missed the note, giving you time to reposition and find it. Now that I'm up a couple lessons I no longer seem to have this option. I've selected "practice" rather than "play" but it keeps going. Just curious if there is a way I can select this as an option in the settings.

Not that I am aware, just keep playing as if the rest of the band would and keep BB King in mind -- whenever he missed a note or lost his place, he'd just wait until it came around.

Play slower until the note becomes a part of your *muscle memory* and then speed up. The legend has it that Steve Vai would not increase tempo of a piece he was learning until he could play it perfectly 20 times in a row. Screw it up on #19, go back to zero.

I often find I hit a wall at some tempo that was coming along nicely. Slow down 5 - 7% with the "Auto" promotion OFF and when that gets me back to 95% accuracy, the wall disappears again.
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