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By philip0908

I asked this a few days ago in another thread but either nobody expected a new question there or nobody wanted to answer :D

I have two questions regarding beding:

1. Do I usually use my ring and middle finger to apply pressure? I feel that it works best for me when I have ring and middle finger in the fret and the index somewhat left to the other two fingers. However, it happens that I play a note with my pinky finger and the next thing to do is a bend. Do I keep my pinky on the string and bend or do I still switch to ring and middle finger?

2. When bending low frets (especially high e, b, maybe even g), do I tilt my hand so that I kind of put my fingers below the string and lift it up? Because when I keep my hand kind of straight (fingers 90 degrees to the string), I have to apply loads of pressure to the very string to even bend it. This really hurts but I dont know whether it does because my fingers are not yet used to it or because it's the wrong technique.

Thanks in advance!
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By joe owens
It gets easier using more fingers to achieve the bend strength - with practice, and it is worthwhile to develop strength in the pinky because 4 is better than 3. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials and cheats, tips, etc. Try looking at the secrets of David Gilmour's technique.

There are a few exercises you will encounter fairly soon that ask for extensive pinky skills. Enough to balk you on the automatic tempo promotion if you don't have them yet.

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