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By jam fan
The trainer today was still allowing me to go through the different chords on pause without the timer. I think that is great and should be added, in fact I thought it was with the last update as it had never done this before. But now since going back on it has stopped working and only pauses. Please put this back on, it's a great help when learning chords.
It needs too go back on, even if this was a mistake. It’s a cracking way too break the chords without the timer. Then once you have the speed up on pause, then use the timer. It makes sense as people struggle too keep all the different patterns in their head, and the chord trainer timer doesn’t help for a start. As you are only looking at the finger positioning and not looking at the actual chord you are playing. If you are in no rush without the timer, it makes it’s easier and more pleasurable to learn
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