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By idcwbyfan
I am now on level 7 but still trying to turn prior levels to gold stars. I literally have played when Johnny scones Marching home in moveable power chords 300 times and it Will not register that I’m hitting everything right even though I’m pretty confident that I am at this point. Then I decided to finally give up and move to the next one but it won’t register the dm correctly. It’s killing my OCD. I want everything to turn gold, but I’m beginning to realize that app issues make that impossible. Not the player? :?:
By mhglover
How is Yousician hearing you play? Are you using the microphone, or are you using an interface that allows you to plug in? I've had a lot better success with a direct interface. I started out with just the mic, but switching an interface (first an iRig and then a preamp with a USB-out) made it much easier for Yousician to hear subtleties that it was missing on the mic. Hammer-ons, pull-offs, chords, etc, all get detected better for me now.

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