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By marian klatt
Tips for transitions between chords, or building muscle memory? 8-) I still feel like D can't happen in one movement, but two on a good day... Obviously people can do it.
By fxstd2004
Try not to do it in 2 steps, then you are learning it the wrong way.
Building muscle memory is all about doing it the same way again and again, 100's of times till you dont have to think about it anymore.

If you learn to put your fingers down in steps you will build your muscle memory that way.
After lots of practice you will grab the cord faster but will probably stil not do it as fast as you should be capable of.
Because you have learned to place the fingers in more then one movement.

Do it very slow at first, and i mean really very slow.
Before putting the hand on the strings picture in your head where the fingers should go.
Then slowly, but accuratly place all the fingers at the same time on the strings.
Repeat this, again and again and again.

Don't force yourself to go faster yet.
Only after you have done it enough times you will start to feel comfortable placing the fingers excactly where they should go in one smooth movement.
Then slowly increase the tempo.

If you go to fast to soon your fingerplacement will get sloppy, then you are building your muscle memory to be sloppy.

One of the problems with learning programs like yousician is that we all want to progress fast.
If you can do a lesson perfect once, we often think we can do it and move on to the next lesson.
But you should only move to the next lesson if you can do the lesson you just learned perfect for dozens of time in a row.
Preferable at a higher speed as well.

If you have to play a lesson several times to get the gold stars, you are not ready to move on yet.
By heaveninureyes

I am having the same issue. I cannot change chords quickly and honestly, I have not practiced as much as I should have. I am a beginner.

Regarding your point about getting gold a dozen times in a row, I was told to move on if I can get gold just once. The reasoning is that if I push myself to the next lesson (say lesson2) with an average skill level in the current lesson, say lesson1, (average defined as being able to get gold atleast once), then when I later return to lesson1, then I'd be conveniently able to play it.

It seems like it works somewhat like in pumping iron. You focus more on the weight limit rather than the number of reps to build more muscle mass.

I'd love to hear back from you about that thought.
By fxstd2004
The first lessons are not so hard, and you can move on pretty quick.

But when you are expanding the amount of chords you want to play it gets harder if you dont have them down 100%.
The goal of learning is ofcourse to play songs.
So if you know some chords, try to find some songs with those basic chords and play along.
Its a great way to practice your chords and have fun at the same time.

The first question was about how to build muscle memory, and that you can only do by repetition.
Especially if this is about chords.

For the lead part of playing i agree with you, by practicing things you find hard to do you improve yourself faster.
You have to find a balance between practicing and perfecting things you know and learning new things.

This is only my personal opinion, i am no teacher.
And to be honest, i am not that good of a player myself ;)

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