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Has anyone else dealt with this. Its a problem on all three of these songs but most recently VERY annoying on Bard's Rock. Its usually an up-stroke in the middle of the Em sets. On most attempts I will miss on ONE strum in the whole song. It may be early, middle or late but just on in most cases. These three are the only ones that I have not made gold in their respective sections.

I am playing on an fairly cheap Ibanez RG-170 with an HSH pickup configurations and it doesn't seem to matter where the PU position switch is set.
I used to have the same problem a lot in the days i used a microphone.
But it became a lot better since i used a hard connection between the guitar and my soundcard.
Even so, the game misses some of the chords when the song is a bit faster.

I noticed that its often my own fault.
One of my fingers muting a string a bit, hitting not all the strings in the chord or hitting a string that should not be played.

I just try again and again.
It can be a bit frustrating if it looks like i played it like it should be, and the game not hears it right.
But i know that when things get faster i get sloppy.
So i use the speed trainer a lot, and most times that gets me trough a hard lesson.

If it will not work after many tries, it helps to leave it for now, play some other songs or do other lessons and return to it a few days later.
It's worse with acoustic cos obviously no way to plug my guitar in to the app.

I get this a lot where the music wants the same cord strummed three or more times in a row. It will pick up two out of three, or three out of four.

I use yousician on my phone, and I guess the phone mic isn't hugely brilliant.

When I play the app on my pc using a blue yeti mic the app picks up way more chord strums, and this makes a huge difference.

I can play a song through on my phone and over 50%of the chords are missed. I play again using the yeti into my pc and it registers 98% or 99% of the chords.
Today i also noticed something else.
Most times when faster chords are not seen by the game its when i am doing down and upstrokes.
I dont know if its my own playing that is sloppy on the upstrokes but when i use only downstrokes i get a lot less missed chords.

The chords sound good to me, i should make some slowmotion recordings of my strumming hand to see if i do something wrong myself.
I have now another song that is impossible to get all the gold stars on.
It is in the songs section under traditional tunes and the country tunes, called: my loving brother.
It is only a level 4 song, should not be so hard.
But the faster up/down strumming makes it very hard for my computer to pick it up on every strum.

I have tried many things, different input levels, different guitars, etc
Nothing works.
I have recorded myself a few times and studied it.
Many times the program misses a chord which i am sure i played the right way.

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