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I've been trying to fix this for a year now, hoping that my fingers would get stronger and the problem would fix itself. But no...
When I play power chords my ring finger stays straight at the middle joint, bent almost 90° at the top joint, and then that top joint locks. I can't unlock it unless I physically unlock it with my other hand. When it locks it hurts.

Well, I could choose not to play power chords, but on yousician this means I can no longer progress, because power chords are integral to the progression.

How do I fix this?

I'm playing an acoustic Eastman AC-DR1, with phosphore bronze strings, not sure what gauge but basically what was on the guitar when I bought it three months ago. big dreadnought, beautiful sound.
But I had this problem before on my fender acoustic, and even when I try playing power chords on a very low action nylon strung classical guitar.

Any advice?
I don't really have any suggestion on how to fix that problem but I don't think it's a good idea for you to play power chords if this happens. have you tried warming up by playing a bit first? Locking your joints like that might lead to arthritis or something later down the road. Even when rocking out, your hands should be pretty relaxed.
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