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By jossbc
Hi, I don't know if this question will make sense to people. I'm a few weeks into Yousician for Guitar and loving it, getting addicted. I plug my (very cheap but I love it) electric guitar into my Windows 10 laptop via a rocksmith cable thing I bough and it works brilliantly. Sometimes however I just want to jam along myself outside of a lesson or song, and wondered if there is a way in Yousician to 'free play' where I can still use it as an amplifier for my guitar. Or if not, is there any other free, or not too expensive, software where I could do this? I'm not wanting mega noise, the poor neighbours! Just to be able to give me a nice sound. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for any replies.
By Georg Zeiser
There are many software amps ;-)
But you should get a good audio interface, which has own ASIO drivers (I have the "NI Komplete Audio 6", others recommend devices from Focusrite)...
Otherwise you will have latency issues.

Here just a few software amps, you can check out:
Bias FX
Lite Edition is currently free until 16.12.

Guitar Rig 5
I'm using the "pro" version... There is also a free edition ... -5-player/

There is also a free edition ... ustom-shop
By zoorz
Om not 100% sure of this but i belive you can open a song in practise mode, push pause and use it as a amp.
By jossbc
Thanks guys. I'll give some of these a go this week. Ah yes you are probably right zoorz I will try that too as an option.
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