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By sean97702
I wanted to share something for people who might be "stuck". It seems one should not rely on only doing "guided lesson".

I had been stalled on level 6 for a long time and was getting bored with playing the same songs. Yousician was not giving me new lessons when I would do the "guided lesson".

I realized maybe I needed to go back and score higher on all these songs so I did "Songs -> My Repertoire -> Collect Missing Stars". Then I played the songs in separate parts until I had scored 3 stars on each part. It was quite easy to get through all the songs in a few hours this way.

It seems when you only do the guided lesson you might take forever to get all the stars because you are playing many songs instead of focusing on the specific weak spots until you pass them. The stars, at least the silver ones, seem to be really important for making the course move along. You will not progress until you get them.

After getting the stars, now the "Guided Lesson" is giving me new techniques.
By jonn webb
Good tip, I did this a lot too.

Or if you get really stuck on a specific song and can't progress to the next, try to pass the test (if you can) and unlock the tracks in between to carry on. This has saved me a couple of times from getting bored and just stuck.

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