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By fabulass
I seem to be hung up on this lesson. Why am I not getting it?

Got any great tips, tricks for me? I've been stuck here for some time.
By Scifi_Dave
Not sure how your practising it, but when I get up to a new song (level 8 Rhythm right now) I slow it right down to like 30% speed. I keep playing it and pausing when necessary to learn the correct fingering of that double stop. Then you can slowly speed it up, it's just a matter of playing it over and over till muscle memory comes in. You'll get it, just don't rush through as it does get more challenging.
By johnmosley
For what it is worth, I found/find double stops hard for some reason. So I would say you are not alone! As always I think the answer is to stick with it and remember that progress is measured in years not days or weeks :D

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