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Hi folks,

I'm a beginner to the Acoustic Guitar, and loving Yousician. Currently, I'm hovering between levels 1, 2 and 3. As I learn, I branch out a bit and do research on all this. While I feel like I'm progressing well using Yousician, I'm lost if I go somewhere like,

When I search for songs from other resources, unless it's being taught on Yousician, I can't make sense of it or play it.

Any advise for someone who's motivated to learn? Maybe I'm being impatient, and all this will come together and make sense later?

Thank you in advance...

you need to be patient and keep on practicing. In Level 1-6 Yousician is teaching you all the basics
you need to play Songs from scratch. Its all about getting this muscle memory and getting used to the Fretboard to play Melodys and Chords without thinking how to set your Fingers.

I am a level six now (playing almost every Day for 9 Months now - started from Zero) and I am just at the point when most Chords can be played blind and by Feel and the Fingers find the right string automatically.
Yet I am not able to play whole Songs Outside Yousician - but parts are working and I am getting
continuosly better.

So keep practising, you are on the right track...
Learning the Guitar is a Marathon, not a Sprint...

Have Fun!


PS: I am a Dad of 3 too...:-)
I had these thoughts too, but Progress is even slowing down as you Hit the higher Levels. From Time to Time you will reach some kind of Plateau. To Keep yourself motivated make shure you reward yourself by playing a Song you like (for Example at the end of a Session).
Seeing the progress of other users is helping me to keep up the effort too.

Keep on rocking...

Ps: with faster Songs the chord recognition of the mic can be a bit erratic what can be very annoying. It made me buy a Electric Guitar and a iRig HD2 Interface...much better now.
Hello Stefan,

we've met at a diffrent thread already. I wondered how you are progressing playing song without yousican. I'm currently at level 6 and things slowly are starting to make sense...although learning a song with yousican is a lot easier...any tipps? Did you bother to learn notes or do you use tabs? I struggle with tabs to find the right rythm...cheers
Hi Esteban,

after about 14 Months nearly dayly Practice I have some Songs i partly or mostly can play without Yousician. I also find myself to practice songs or parts of Songs that are not in Yousician more frequently now. I try to get along with tabs, I do not read Notes (although I can a little bit).
When I search for Tabs of songs I like, I often use There you can hit the playback button and listen to how the song is intended to be played. That fixes a lot of timing issues.

I am at level 7 now and there are some tasks that kill me - have been stuck there for quite a while now. Progress is slowing down but I am still motivated ;)

At the moment i try to collect missing gold stars in previous tasks to build routine and get better at the basics. You can add me as a Friend if you want then we can track each others progress :)


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