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Ok so first they killed grim librarian by changing it, them there was that bloody disaster with lazy john where they changed & renamed it then made a new song with the same name that was still shite just like the new version, now they've decided to kill lycanthropic metamorphosis by letting what I must assume is an infant re-write it except without the flow it had nor the enjoyable bits, can you people at least bring back the damn custom songs some someone with a photographic memory and more sense than your clueless team can recreate some actually decent songs? Never mind, soon they'll make the big E string a bloody premium + feature just incase taking away the ability to play songs from youtube didn't totally kill your interest in this godforsaken app.
TL:DR - Pay for a teacher, use ultimate guitar tabs or go to youtube, anything beats this app now that the devs have spent well over a year crippling it
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