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By ClericLapton
Hi all, I see a lot of questions (and to be honest I wondered the same) about rate of progress on guitar stages. So I’ve been logging and thought I’d share. Add yours in too If you can as I think it’s quite motivating especially for beginners.

I practiced 10 minutes a day at first (yes really that was it) and I’m playing steel string acoustic only. I plan to move to electric after about a year.

I now do around 30-60 mins 3-4 times a week. I try and do exercises every day regardless (spider walk, legato, chord transitions).

Started July 2019
Level 1-2: 1 week all gold
Level 3: 3 weeks all gold
Level 4: 2 months all gold
Level 5: 2 months (still have around 60 gold to pick up)
Level 6: About 30% through after 3 weeks)

Here’s some of what I was thinking at the time:

Month 1-3
I’ll never be able to switch chords without a pause
My fingers hurt because my guitar isn’t good enough
My hands must be the wrong size/shape
I’ll never, ever play an F chord
If I get a better guitar I’ll be better
If I watch lots of youtube videos and guitar reviews, I'll get better :lol:
Hammer ons aren’t possible on an acoustic

It’s funny looking back because my fingers are like steel now. I can hit and transition between all the major/minor chords (e . Big F) blindfolded. Sometimes it’s not obvious how much progress you’ve really made.

What’s really helped is mindless daily repetition of stuff like spider walk and chord transitions (e.g. 5 minutes of continuous G to C to D over and over etc) and hammer ons/pull offs especially across 2-3 frets.
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By joe owens
Yeah, it's that 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration thing.

I have been banging my fingers and head senseless trying to beat the "Boolo" fret mobility exercise (Level 9) for longer than I would like to admit. Kind of stuck for a long time, but lately starting to pick it up... playing it perfectly or with only a couple of notes missing at 80+% tempo. But it has been literally MONTHS.

Surprised that only about 20 individuals worldwide are ranked as having completed this exercise.

I have to wonder what the general level of player is in this tutorial series.

By ClericLapton
It surprises me how little traffic there is on here too?

Anyway, I'm going to get level 6 nailed this weekend. Just one song left on Rhythm then onto level 7. So that's taken nearly 2 months. I'm up to 65 hours playtime and 250,000 notes & chords.

The big difference between now and earlier levels is that 10-15 minutes doesn't cut it anymore at all. So rather than daily, I'm doing more like 45mins+ 3-5 times a week. On off days, I'll still practice a few chords or riffs or finger exercises.

After I hit 7 I'm going to spend the next month picking up all the gold stars in 5&6 to consolidate my knowledge (about 50 in 5 and most of 6).

I look forward to checking out Boolo :)

Current thinking:
I seriously don't see how I'll ever barre any chord? Switching all other chords is easy now - all open majors, minors, 7s and power chords and variations
Every time I think I'm getting somewhere, I realise how much more there is to learn
Improvisation used to seem like an impossible skill but is starting to make sense now with understanding of music theory
Fast legato also seems like an achievable goal
Tuning by ear still feels out of reach
I still think I need a Gibson or a Martin to get to the next
I should have started 20 years ago
I still think a better guitar will help :D
I'm really looking forward to getting on an electric, but I don't plan to do that until later this year at the earliest - I kind of feel an electric at this point will be distracting.
By jshak180
I'm a long time chord guy finally going down the lead path. Couple Q's for you:

Are you running the three tracks at the same time? I've been going for about 4 weeks and just doing lead and knowledge path (l4 at both)

I'm hitting a point where I feel I need to focus my practice on lead and then maybe at some point start back into knowledge later. That could be a long time from now though, watching some of those preview L10 videos on Youtube. Curious what path you folks chose?
By Scifi_Dave
Hello jshak180,

I've tried to split my time in each category for the last couple of years that I've been paying for this. Currently I'm level 9 on Lead and level 8 on Rhythm. I've already maxed out at level 6 for the knowledge.

Yeah I find once you are up where I'm at it's harder to split your time on each. Currently I am stuck at Barre Chords for several months and feel I'll never get through the song "Barre Your Soul". Thought I'd go back to Lead and try to get through the Legato Lines section but I'm stuck on "Morrison's Jig (The Kesh)". So it is frustrating when you feel your rate of progress is not going any where.
By joey sweat
Father or two here,

I've been giving it my best, sometimes having a 5 and a 6 year old I am too tired or don't have enough time to dedicate to guitar daily. If I had a free hour a day I feel would be further along but I started playing Jan 26,2020 I just passed to level 4 yesterday. It's exciting. I'm glad there's other peeps out the going through the same. Just found this community!
By ClericLapton
Hi jshak180, yes I've been running all three paths (and I did a separate music theory course off-line). But as per SciFi_Dave (I'm now half-way through 7), I'm finding I need to focus hard on Lead or Rhythm separately and my practice sessions have changed from a few minutes every day to more like 1 hour a few times a week. I hope to complete level 7 by the end of the month, probably a bit optimistic, but that would be 10 months to that point. Either way, I'd like to be on level 8 at 1 year at the latest.

Outside of Yousician, I do try to pick up (and mostly do) the guitar every day, even if it's for 5 minutes of spider walking or getting ready for barre chords, which are coming up soon.

Joey, good work - I got to level 5 with mostly 30 minute sessions - took me 5 months.
Hello Folks,

I also would like to share my experience with the App. I started around Christmas with the App and got completly hooked. I had a surgery that kept me on the couch for several weeks and now it's quarantine time. So right now i completed Level 7 rhythm and i'm one step behind in lead part.

Till Level 5 i wanted to have gold AS a standard. After that i was ok with 3 Stars, because i was playing a Western Guitar without an Interface. I'm loving it and i play several hours a day. I'm currently swapping between grinding the learning section, playing Premium Songs and learning Songs by myself with YouTube Videos.

Sometimes i have the feeling it's almost to much to process. I work on a Song for a day. And after a week i hardly remember the moves. (ESP. the Lead stuff). :shock: :lol:
By dstempke
I've probably had Yousician for 3 or 4 years and played in 2 or 3 week stretches just a few times. My kids use it, too, so it wasn't a complete waste. Since I've been working from home due to Covid-19, I decided to pick things up again. I'm trying to treat guitar time like my old commute time. I'm up to about 36 hours on Yousician since early April. The test for Level 4 in Rythm and lead are available, but I'm not ready. I have all the stars, but have about 100 Gold stars left to collect and I'm tackling it bit by bit each day.

I can change some of the easy chords quickly, but not consistently. I can play a couple of songs that I looked up on YouTube (again, not great, but enough to be recognized). Best of all, I feel much more comfortable and I'm trying to trust the process. What is nice is that I can go back to a song from an earlier level and nail it (most of the time). For me, it was only a week or two ago that I struggled with it.

A great tip I got was to try to play two separate times a day. Those days, I seem to make better progress. Two sessions of 30 minutes in a day is better than one session for an hour. It's like my brain starts to formulate the hand positions subconsciously between practices.

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