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So it's been going well for the first week. Then I got this song and I can't even get through half of it at 50% speed. I don't see myself ever getting through it at 100%.

Why the sudden jump in difficulty? It's totally demotivating and unnecessary. Does no one test this?

I'm switching to lead for now, but if this isn't dealt with I don't see myself spending weeks just fighting to get through one badly thought it lesson.
I've had a couple of songs like this. Brown Eyed Girl with the chords blew me away at seemed like light speed. What I do is just practice really small sections at a slow speed with the auto button on. I feel like my fingers have to walk through it over and over to start to get it. Like muscle memory.

After getting through 10 notes, I'll move to the next 10 notes in practice mode (or what ever section of notes makes sense). It's much easier to chunk it down. Just move the starting and end points of the practice section (at the bottom) to be pretty narrow. It's hard to get a whole song...but easier to start to master a tiny bit of it at a time.
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