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By superjustino
Hi everybody. Beginner here. I have been using Yousician now for a few weeks on a classical acoustic guitar. Its been fun learning through levels 1 -3 so far. But I wanted to buy an electric guitar and it arrived today. With it, I bought a mini amp so I can plug it into the guitar and into my headphones. So now Yousician can't really hear my notes or chords etc. I have attached a 3.5mm jack leading out the mini amp and plugged it into my phone. Great, I can hear Yousician. But, but! Yousician still can't hear my guitar. Is there a work around for this? Can the Yousician app hear my guitar through the 3.5mm jack? Is there a way I can listen to the amplified sound of the guitar whilst listening on headphones and at the same time the Yousician app can hear the guitar? Sorry if this is a waffle
Hi I'm a new yousician user but to get my guitar and 90w amp working, I use small in ear earphones in the amp with an adapter then wear big headphones over the top plugged into the phone, without any adapters to feed the 2 sound sources into the one set of phone's it's the only work around I have to play both and not annoy anyone, as for the mic picking your guitar up, it will pick up the sound of the electric unamplified strings if the phones close enough but if your phone is connected to a separate mic such the ones built into some phone earphones it wont, or wouldn't for me, it only seems to like the built in phone mic, if whatever you plug in, the phone thinks it's detecting a mic, it cuts off your internal phone mic and won't hear the sound of your strings. Like I say I'm a new user so someone else may have a better answer/workaround

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