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By nyypää
And why some of them (for example scorpions' rock you like a hurricane and still loving you) are played in wrong key.
It's annoying, because I practiced still loving you melody very hard, to play it on to the real song. Then I found out it was on the wrong key, so I had to practice it all over again. If the wrong key is for making the song easier, It's not very good, because It gives the wrong idea of the song, specially if playing harder songs, which makes it harder to move the fretting one step down.
By ximpalerx
That is one thing I cant stand about some of these online learning programs. They dumb down the songs to reach a wider audience. At least give the option to play the original version. Could also be because they don't have the rights to publish the original song, so they can get around that by changing the key and/or removing notes.
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