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By will_craver
Hello All,

I'm new to yousician and it's great to read everyone's comments about the various topics. I started my yousician journey March 1st of this year and I'm currently close to finishing up level three. I guess I'm wondering if I'm going slow, fast of about the average pace. Sometimes I feel like I'm advancing way too fast, but I'm earning my keep and trying to be as close to perfect as possible. Most lessons, I'm attain "perfect' before I more on. Can someone please tell me where you were after two weeks? Should I be spending more time on each lesson?

I know I need to have patience to let things soak in. Played bass a hundred years ago but played by ear and didn't learn any notes, etc. Just want to know if it seems to you that I'm on schedule or behind. I know it get's more complicated as I go.

Hopefully someone can share their 'newbie' story with me, I'd greatly appreciate it. Looking forward to your story. Sorry to get long winded.

Thanks and Rock On!

By will_craver
Just looking for a fellow musician to chat with who started their journey in the last couple of weeks. Just want to bounce a couple of things of of you. Feel free to follow me and my journey if for no other reason, just someone to share highs and lows and everything in between. Thanks
By cj785
Hi Everyone
I just added a bunch of people from this forum. My name is Chris, I'm 34, guitarist of more than ten years, so hoping I can get up to a mediumish level fairly quickly:) Also just started Ukulele, having fun with that too. Feel free to add me, will probably be upgradeing soon, this app is just too adictive.
By Sergito123123
Hi there!

Sergio here, 31yo guy from Spain :)
2 weeks using Yousician and really addicted to it! I'm currently on level 4.

Feel free to add me :)
By Lloydy

Join the community on Facebook Yousician and connect with other Yousicians, this is a good ... FRIENDS Here you can manage the followers and find new friends. chat about Yousician and maybe upload your guitar playing video , plus lets see photo's of you and your Guitars and ukulele,
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By IngusT

My name is Ingus, or IngusT on Yousician. Started here in October last year I think. I have completed everything on levels 0-6, trying to go through level 7 now, to get perfect scores in everything there. Difficulty level really seems to be going up fast at this point.

Looking for someone of more or less my level. Maybe that motivates me.

I've honestly been slacking lately and not making the best of my Yousician subscription.

By BokChoyWithSoy
Just a simple guy from Australia

Feel free to add me, I'm kinda new but I look forward to motivating each other with our scores :D

Yousician Level: 4
Livingstone MCG947/SB
By Wrongjon
Hi all,
My username is Wrongjon and I never picked up a guitar until a week ago, now on level two of Yousician and still going will be following a lot of you in the future, asked to to join the Facebook group.

By Jap1968
Is Facebook the only way to add friends?

I am a yousician user since several months ago. My daughter recently also registered into yousician and I would like to add her as a "friend", but neither of us have a Facebook account. So, is there any other way to add somebody as a friend apart from doing that in Facebook?
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