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By Lister2x
Looking for some friends, please add me.
By nocnyptak
In case you haven't noticed, Lister: to built a list of friends you need to add players of your choice yourself - so while looking at leaderboards enter Profile of the player of your choice (look at similar level or interests etc) and select little round Add player button.

If players of your choice keep social notifications active then they will get info that you follow them and they can add you too.
By SimoneNV
Just starting out - actually bought guitar and app for my kid, but now I'm playing, she's not - lol.

Feel free to add me.

Guitar level 2.
By ttiiggeerr
Another noob. My kids just started with a guitar coach and I decided to try as well, level 2 now, almost level 3.
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By jjyurkovich
Count me in. Pretty new to Yousician. Been a very casual player for years. No fierce competition from me.
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