Talk about anything and everything related to Yousician Guitar here
By SeekerOfTheWay
Just added a bunch of you guys and figured out where to go to compare scores! A great way to improve! I just leveled up to 4 and will be reviewing old lessons and songs this weekend! I passed some songs that I found tough and need to work on!

To just make it a bit more personal, my name is Chrisy and I'm 36. I live in SW Florida and my go to music is classic and folk rock. Favorites are The Beatles and Cat Stevens. Besides playing guitar I hike, geocache, do yoga and meditation and love to read.


I'm really digging the community here. Very encouraging, mellow and helpful! I get frustrated with my playing at times and need to remember why I play...for fun!


See you on Yousician! Give me an add and we'll play! :)
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By Htellam
Got into yousician a month ago and am stuck on level 5. My finger coordination doesn't seem to keep up with my level and having a hard time with hammer ons/pull offs
Someone add me so i can compete and get some more motivation please :)

Also any other practicing apps/books/websites anyone has found particularly beneficial would be greatly appreciated
By Lexakozz
Hello guys, my name is Achilleas and im from greece, i start to play guitar about 4 years ago and after 1 year i stop. Last summer, i start to play again, and i see a big improvement!
Yousician Name: Lexakozz
Level: 6
By Seraphim6801
Heya!! Kinda diggin this app... On the pricey side but great so far. I am color blind and it presents a problem with other music applications and that sucks. I'd love to crank up Rocksmith but it's difficult. I currently have a Takamine EG128SC and I can't fix the lag issues with it so there's that too. I'm 34 and been playing since 12yrs old. Grew up on Slayer and all things metal but my style has evolved into... Something else? Eh, who likes labels anyways. Im building a home studio and finishing up college for music and sound recording and I'm finally putting myself out there for all to hear... And I'm humble enough to know there's always something new to learn, skill to hone, fundamental to dust off. Im kinda goofy but don't let that fool you, I'm firecly intelligent and a quick study. Looking forward to meeting some guitarists, soaking up some knowledge, and kicking some a**

Takamine EG128SC
Looking to buy new electric... IBANEZ prestige or ESP E-II
By LuqiPan
Hello everyone, recently found out about Yousician and got obsessed with it immediately. I'm currently level 4 and mainly playing lead path.

Add me @LuqiPan if you want to jam together
By runningwithscissors77
Hello everybody, My name is Jarred im 39 years old and living in Victoria Australia .I'm currently level 6ish Yousician and I'm looking for people to hopefully battle along with in the name of improvement.I have been using Yousician since mid December Previous to this I have played Saxaphone on and off since i was 15 .So why the guitar? Well for two reasons . No.1 to improve my understanding of chords and theory ,No 2. to have fun playing the music I love. So please add me if you fancy a musical duel of sorts .Thanks Jarred
By Hunter Micah
Hey I am kind of new to this and want to have some friends to challenge so please add me my username is Hunter Micah 8-)
I am on guitar Level 4 :D
By MrMutch
Hey everyone, really enjoying Yousician. Found I never practiced enough and now with this I spend an hour or two nightly. A lot of fun. Just getting the hang of it though. Add me to your friend list please.

Level: 4 premium

Acoustic: mini Taylor GS
Electric: Gretsch Tennessee Rose (Chet Atkins)
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