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By itschuck66
I'm looking for a setup where I can hear my electric guitar play in my headphones along with Yousician audio.

I currently use the Rock Smith USB cable and have ASIO4ALL and Guitar Rig 5 on a PC running Windows 10.

Unfortunately I can't figure out how to get Guitar Rig and Yousician to see the signal from the Guitar at the same time. (I can either hear the guitar using Guitar Rig or I can get Yousician to see the input but not hear the guitar sound, but can't do both.)

I tried turning off the exclusive mode on the ASIO but that didn't seem to help.

Anyone have success in making this combination work?


By johnmosley
ASIO4ALL does not work with multiple devices, at least it did not for me. What you need is a ASIO multi server, do a google search. You feed the output of asio4all to that and then connect Yousician and your amp sim to it. If you got a proper audio interface with proper ASIO drivers then you should find that will work directly with multiple devices.

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