Having difficulties with Yousician Guitar? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By deeman1979
Hi, I have been using the windows Yousician app in Windows 10 in combination with a Steinberg UR12. Up until yesterday this has worked perfectly. I used the ASIO driver, however yesterday I noticed a fair bit of latency when playing and when I checked the app settings it had switched over to the "Windows Audio" driver. When I tried to select the ASIO driver I get an error message say it could not use the selected audio settings. I set about troubleshooting by completely uninstalling the USB driver for the inteface, then reinstalling the driver after a reboot. Didint work. I tried completely uninstalling the Yousician app and reinstalling, still nothing! I tested the audio interface in Cubase 9.5, and the ASIO driver works perfectly in there so now I am at a loss. Has anyone else experience this email said and managed to fix it?
By johnmosley
When you say you removed Yousician, are you certain you got all the files including local low? Also did you remove the registry settings? When I had an issue with audio settings it was something in the registry that was causing the issue.
By edavismail
I'm having the same issue w/ the driver settings and latency. I have a behringer U-phoria UMC2020HD in Windows 10. I have been away from the app for a while, but when I logged in earlier today it applied the latest update--and then these problems appeared.
By rockbandguy
I have the same issue and would need a working solution, too.
What I experience is a long time it tries to switch to ASIO, before it says it failed.

Is there somewhere a checklist to go through the issue systematically?

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