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By maple leafs
ive used 3 tuners to make sure im in tune and a simple e5 (fret 2 e-o a2) never works. what should i do? a5 d5 is fine
By nocnyptak
Go to Practice mode and in tab view compare the chord diagram they want you to play. Not every E5 is played the same way and sometimes the same song requires E5 built on higher frets and then lower frets again.
By nocnyptak
Ok, I am away from my desktop so just quickly checked on my android phone (which usually has awful recognition) with my nylon strings travel guitar and I had no major problems with 02xxxx (two reds = my faults). I didn't play the whole song as it is not my fav but focused on random testing.

Make sure no other string rings. Also, if you press too hard you made the note sharp. I am sure you know this.

You could test various styles of strumming or hybrid picking - to see if that improves recognition. It does take some practice to make strings ringing at the same time.

You didn't mention what gear you play/what setup you have (are you plugged in etc). If this is the only song you have trouble with than dont worry about it too much.
In my experience users uploads may surprise with failed recognition due to certain errors and I just accepted it as a fact - thankful that we have all sorts of options to practice to our favourite songs these days (I still remember how limited YS app a few years ago). Sorry can't help you more. Cheers
By maple leafs
now i am getting really angry..this weeks challenge..punk...simple power chords...all fail. tuned 3 times various tuners...applied diff pressure on strings..no dice...give me a break.....works fine prior to the start as YS tests the 3 chords...what a joke.

epi SG..fender 20w frontman...ive tried single coil and all 3 pickup positions
You will never get clean reliable feedback from any service/software like this using a mic. If you want to interface with this service reliably get an interface.
By matthew clay burris
Well that's funny because the A5 works every time, and the D5 usually. Just E5 no matter what I try...no dice. Aaaaand I play acoustic so F an interface.
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